The heartwarming story of two people who form an everlasting bond of compassion with each other. 


It was a blithesome Tuesday of the icy cold December and the sun showed up after a long time. Everybody prepared to get to their work and in the hustle and bustle of the city, Gautam – a 67 year old retired Army chief walked up to the sea shore carrying a suitcase. The sea waves imposed a rhythm that could cleanse an uneasy soul. Observing the calmness sea possessed and the waves meeting the sand, Gautam sighed and took a step towards the sea.

His first step was however hindered by a football that made his belongings fall from his hand and a five year old offender came into scene.

“I am so sorry, Uncle! Could I get my ball back?”Asked Dhruv who was guilty of whatever just happened. He helped the aged man to pick his suitcase and questioned him inquisitively “Where are you going? What is there in the box?”

Hesitant to answer the little lad, Gautam snatched it from him and asked him to leave. Dejected by his response, Dhruv apologised again and took out a piece of chocolate from his shorts.

“You can have it! I have nothing else to compensate for making you angry!”

Gautam’s resentment turned into a smile and he accepted the offer. Witnessing the change, Dhruv smiled and requested him “Would you like to play with me? I come here every day and play but I am bored of doing it alone for so long!”

Gazing at the innocence of that five year old, Gautam could not resist his childish heart from not accompanying him. They played all day long and evening made them part their ways.

Next day, Dhruv waited for his football partner in anticipation and waiting for an hour made him depressed. That melancholy was not for long as Gautam made his appearance the very next moment. The cordial relationship both of them shared together was beyond any other bond.

The calm sea and waves witnessed the everlasting friendship of the two souls for next ten years.

Dhruv, the only son of busy and working parents never felt what it was to walk hand in hand with his mother or father. He was looked after by the maid his parents appointed for him. His parents were overpowered by the intention of earning money and they were so engrossed in their works that they forgot they had to nurture THEIR ONLY DESCENDANT.

Bearing negligence at such a tender age, Dhruv had a heart of gold. He understood what it was to be lonely in the crowd and Gautam came into picture to end his agony. Time heeled everything as he finally found somebody who understood him, he had someone with whom he could share what made him happy or what broke his heart. Dhruv felt complete and became extremely fond of his UNCLE and on the counterpart, Gautam found out his reason to live.

After ten years, Gautam’s age and body gave up on him. He could no longer come to see Dhruv as he could not walk. Dhruv came to the hospital weeping at the thought of losing his TRUE FRIEND.

Gautam dint have much time and was on his death bed. He only waited for his DHRUV. His wait was not for long as he came running to HIS UNCLE. Dhruv questioned “It has been ten years but you never told me what was there in that suitcase when we met for the first time?”

Gautam without saying much gave him a letter he wrote for him and smiled. “Read it after a while…I don’t have much time you see…”

Dhruv sobbed and Gautam closed his eyes in peace.

Dhruv controlling his turmoil of emotions opened the letter .It read:

“Dear Dhruv,

You are a grown up 15 year old boy and mature enough to understand what I have written in this letter later.

You, my boy gave me my life that day… You asked me what was there in that suitcase but I kept it a secret from you. I came to commit suicide with all my belongings as I was left with no one to live for. I was a very strong man YOU SEE…I did everything to make my THREE SONS happy. I raised them to be highly qualified individuals and they did make me proud… But they could not give me one thing and that was “LOVE”.A parent can raise any number of children he has, but my children failed to look after me at the time I wanted them the most. They sent me to AN OLD AGE HOME where I lived since past 12 years. They gave up on me so easily… I found no other option…But GOD had other plans. He dint want me to die like that. I met you… YOU MADE ME FEEL ALIVE… YOU MADE ME REALISE I WAS NOT ALONE…YOU MADE ME REALISE I COULD BE HAPPY AGAIN…I had a huge number of friends when I had been young and successful, but OLD AGE made me realise I had none. You were, you will be MY ONE AND ONLY TRUE FRIEND DHRUV…FOREVER.I have nothing much to give you except love but I want you to open that suitcase and bury my belongings with me.



Dhruv could not control his tears and he realised what he had lost today. He went to fulfil his UNCLE’S LAST WISH and opened that suitcase. It possessed three photographs OF GAUTAM, ONE WITH HIS WIFE WHO DIED TOO EARLY, ONE WITH HIS CHILDREN AND THE LAST ONE WHICH WAS NEW TO THAT BOX WAS WITH DHRUV.


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