This is the story of a girl called “pihu”. this is like her personal diary through we can know about her life.  


Pihu, a cute girl stepped into the college for the first time. She got a friend called abhishek whom she considered as a decent guy.

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Day 2

Pihu got confused about the dress. When she was in the school she never think about her dressing style. After her first day in the college pihu got confused about what kind of dress she should wear. In her wardrobe she had only kurti, salwar suits and jeans. Now pihu think that she should purchase more dress. As she feels comfortable in kurti she had chosen pink and white kurti.

Meanwhile pihu’s mom noticed that she is standing in front of her wardrobe for the past 20 minutes. So she asked her, pihu what happened to you. Why are you taking so much of time to get ready for the college?

Mom, I couldn’t choose the dress for today. Finally, I have got something good.

Ok dear, get ready for the college.

Yes mom. After an hour pihu was about to move for the college. At that time her mom called pihu.

Pihu, finish your breakfast and go.

Mom, I don’t have time.

No pihu, at least drink a glass of fresh juice.

Ok, mom.

Pihu, at the College

When she stepped in to the college reena joined with pihu.

Wow, pihu you look so smart.

Thank you reena

When she entered the class room all of her classmates noticed pihu.

So reena said, pihu look at the way how boys are seeing you.

Oh, come on reena. Nothing like that

At the end of the class, the professor started to read a circular.

Students, just listen. In a week the college is going to conduct an event to welcome the new students. The purpose of the event is to bring out the hidden talent of the students. If you think you have talents to exhibit then register your names as soon as possible. You will have only a day to register your names. So hurry…

Once the professor read out the circular all the students started to discuss within them.  So the professor said “dear students it is the right time to exhibit your hidden talents. I will leave the students register book here. Just write your names and also mention in which competition you are going to participate”.

The girls discussed within themselves and decided finally what they want to do. Meanwhile abhishek and few other boys came near to the place where pihu and other girls were sitting and started to speak with them.

Hi pihu, have you decided what are you going to do?

Yes abhishek, what about you?

Yes I have also decided. Ok, I am going to write your names in the book.

So abhishek asked, Reena what about you?

Write my name in dance competition.

Oh, wow. That’s great. What about preethi?

Abhishek, I like to register my name in singing competition.

Pihu, why are so quiet?

I have a doubt.

What was that?

Can we register our name in more than one competition?

Yes you can do it pihu. There is no restriction that you have to register your name in only one competition.

Ok abhishek then register my name in all the competitions.


All of her classmates got surprised.

Pihu, are you serious about this?

Yes abhishek, I am going to take part in all the competitions.

In my schooldays also I have participated in all the competitions and I have won prizes.

After knowing this, the boys in the class love to talk with her. But few other girls got irritated just because of the attention that pihu received from them.

But pihu’s friends want to know more about her decision. So they asked her pihu, how will you prepare yourself?

Pihu said oh come on friends, I can manage well. As I said before I love to take part in all the competitions from my childhood onwards.

So abhishek said, ok pihu, then I will register your name for all the competitions.

College cafeteria

Pihu and her friends gathered in cafeteria. Preethi said, pihu I am seeing a girl like you for the first time.

Why preethi? Why are you saying like that?

You are the first girl who is interested to take part in all the competitions without any fear.

Preethi, there is nothing to get surprised. I love to do that.

Reena asked her pihu, what do you think about abhishek?

Pihu got surprised by her question. Why reena, why are you particular about abhishek?

Reena said, pihu I think he likes you.

No reena, he is just our classmate. Have you ever noticed the way he talks with the girls? He is friendly with everyone. There is nothing much to say about him.

Though pihu said like this, she remembers the previous incident in cafeteria where abhishek said that she is beautiful. Pihu didn’t share that incident with her friends.

But reena said, ok pihu, I have asked you because I like abhishek. I like to move with him closely. So I just want to know your opinion. After hearing this all of her friends got surprised.

Clara asked reena, are you serious? I hope today is not April 1st

Reena said, no Clara, I am serious.

Preethi asked reena, “reena this is our second day in the college. What do you know about abhishek”? Why do you think you have to move with him closely?

Reena: this is called “love at first sight”.

This time pihu couldn’t control her. She was shocked.

Are you serious? How it is possible?

It is possible pihu and I am serious about this.

Pihu: ok reena, it’s your choice. Do you have any issues if abhishek talks with me or with any other girls?

Reena: no pihu. I am not that much possessive. But I like him from the first day of the college.

At the end of the second day, pihu thought that she had a beautiful day with a surprise at the end just because of reena.

11P.M, at the Home

Pihu’s mom: pihu, go to bed. You have to wake up earlier to get ready for the college.

Pihu: yes mom, good night

Mom: good night dear.

Pihu is dreaming now in which she got the view of a garden. In the middle of the garden she can see a man holding a rose in his hand. She can saw herself dressed in a white gown like a bride. She was talking with the man. Both of them come closer.  After few minutes, pihu wake up from the bed and look at the watch. It is 2.00 P.m.

Pihu couldn’t understand why she had a dream like that? She didn’t think about anyone. Whether the dream is due to the recent conversation with reena? Why pihu couldn’t saw the face of the man who was holding the rose? Why she dressed like a bride? Pihu is not interested to get married earlier, then why she had a dream like that? She didn’t get any answer for any of her questions. So she decided to sleep.

Whether the man who is holding the rose was abhishek or someone? If it was abhishek, how reena will allow pihu to move with him closely?

Day3, at the College

Pihu entered the classroom and noticed that reena was not there. So she had asked Clara.

Clara, where is reena?

I don’t know the reason pihu. But she had sent me a message in the morning that she will come late to the college.

Ok. Clara.

After half an hour reena entered the classroom.

Hi guys, good morning to all.

Pihu: hi reena. Good morning.

Reena can I ask you a question.

Yes, pihu.

Why you are late today? Is there any special reason?

Yes pihu. Actually I was getting ready for the college in the morning, but I got a message from abhishek that he is in the hospital. So I went there.

What happened to abhishek? Pihu and the other girls in the class get tensed.

Chill girls, there is nothing to worry.

Abhishek went to the hospital to donate blood.

All the friends got surprised.

Yes, abhishek has registered his name as a volunteer blood donor in the hospital. He got a call from the hospital that a person has been injured seriously and he needs blood. As abhishek blood group matched with that person the hospital staffs contacted him. So he donated his blood.

Wow, that’s great.

Clara: but why did you went there reena?

Reena: I went to the hospital to support abhishek and there is also a hidden reason.

Clara: what was that?

Reena: I have told you yesterday.

Clara: now Clara smiled at reena as she remembers what she told yesterday.

Now everyone in the class thinks that abhishek is a kind hearted person. So reena said, now I should be careful.

Pihu: why reena?

Reena:  After knowing the fact that abhishek is a volunteer blood donor, his number of admirers in the class will be increased. If it continues then someone will try to move closely with him which is not good for me.

Pihu:  reena, you are thinking too much.  Don’t worry. Nobody will move closer with abhishek.

Reena: I hope your words will come true.

Meanwhile pihu’s friends started to discuss about the upcoming college function. So Clara asked pihu, “Pihu, have you started to prepare for the competitions”?

Pihu: not yet Clara. I should start my preparations from today onwards.

Clara: Ok pihu, what are you going to do for the dance programme. Will you dance for a traditional song or for filmy songs?

Pihu:  Clara, I have learned Kathak for 4 years.  So obviously I will dance for a traditional song.

Clara: Wow, this is news to me pihu. You are a talented girl pihu.

Pihu: nothing like that Clara. My mom insisted me to learn Kathak in my childhood and so I started to learn. Then I got interest in it and so I continued to learn for 4 years.

Clara: then what happened after 4 years?

Pihu: Clara, we have shifted our home to this city and   I couldn’t find a Kathak tutor here as I am new to this city.

Clara: Don’t worry pihu. I will find a Kathak master for you and you can continue with your dance.

Pihu: so kind of you Clara.

Pihu, at the Home

Pihu’s mom: how was the day pihu?

Pihu: It was good ma. Where is dad?

Pihu’s mom: today your dad returned home earlier, packed his bags and moved to airport just half an hour before.

Pihu:  why? Where he is going mom?

Pihu’s mom:   He is going for an official tour to conduct a meeting. Your dad will be back after couple of weeks.

Pihu: ok mom.


Pihu was sleeping and she wakeup suddenly because she hear the voice of a lady seeking for help.

Help!! Help!!

Pihu switched on the room lights and came near to the window to see what actually happened outside her home.

She saw a man who is jumping outside from the compound wall of her neighbor’s home. Pihu couldn’t see the face of the man as he had covered his face completely with a mask like cloth.

So, pihu decided to open the main door of her home to come outside. Meanwhile, her mom also came there. Both of them came outside their home to see what was happening. There was a small crowd near their neighbor’s home. The people are talking that a thief has entered into that home. As soon as the thief entered, the lady in the home started shouting. So the thief ran away.

So, pihu and her mom decided to go inside their home as everything was ok now.  The next day morning pihu read in the newspaper that the thief who had entered into her neighbor’s home was robin. He had escaped from the prison yesterday night and managed to enter the nearby home.

In the newspaper the police had also instructed the public to stay cautious in the home as the thief robin will be targeting the people especially women who are staying alone in their home.

Pihu got scared as she and her mom will be staying alone for couple of weeks because her dad went for an official trip.

What will happen next, whether pihu and her mom will be safe?


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