Author Branding & Book Promotion Services

Before you feel it’s waste of time and frown back at the idea of attaching a brand name to an author’s literary original work…

Wait and answer this question in the first place-

Why do authors need branding and promotional services for any book?

Inbetween billions of people full of proclaimed writers, uncountable reading sources, genres and a variety of options to choose from –  you believe they will buy an anonymous writers book and read it to know what it is all about??

Does it sounds crazy!?! We mean it!!

You want masses to recognize your creativity and innovation, your latent talent and flair for writing ONLY based on a book they might never purchase in this fast-paced life.

People look out for credibility

You might be aware of the fact that people look out for credibility before buying anything rest assured a book.

And if they do get their hands on your book and probably liked your work, then they will yearn to read more of such compositions. In addition, they will start searching for links that will lead them to you to provide constructive feedback, relate to you, know more about you – when you plan to write and publish more of such stuff.

You might be an intellectually gifted writer with creativity that knows no bar but finally, they will give up searching for you. And due to their unsolved quest and thirst for more, they will prefer never to read and refrain from buying any book that contains your writings.

Resonate with your audience

It is very important to resonate with your audience, make them realize your commitment towards your narration, its authenticity, and the hard work put behind the curtains. Solving queries, delving deep further into that genre so people don’t lose interest & improvising the content time and again is quite essential practice to establish yourself as a known author. To make sure that the message behind your writings is conveyed fully and in intact form with no riddles left unanswered is the first moral responsibility that any author should abide by after your book hits the market.

An author possesses the power to shape the thought process and perceptions regarding a subject of millions of his or her readers by controlling the message behind the plot. Debate on various topics touched in the storyline, unlisted or unexplored niches and newly found testimonies is bound to rise among the readers every now and then.

The audience hence will always try to reach out to you for clarity time and again once your book gets published. Among masses and your fan followers, it will become an eternal favourite property of debate and discussions. Once clearly intercepted, will pass from one generation to the next generations as a valuable edition of knowledge and moral message

How to Build an Authentic Author Brand?

Branding is quite crucial to make people aware of your very existence these days i.e. you and your book details.

Brand information is like an informative guide that gives both Identity and Purpose to the author as well as the audience.

With 2.2 million books being published each year around the world… What are the chances of your book getting selected and handpicked by the masses?

To increase the visibility of your book, provide the readers with a brief overview of the plot, genre, and the gist behind writing it is what these book marketing and promoting services do. Books generate more sales when associated with their authors, a fact that has been acknowledged by most authors.

1. Author’s Interview

Author Interview with its fan base helps to deepen a readers’ understanding of each character – protagonist or antagonist, their personality traits, and as to why operate or work in a particular manner, the plot twists and turns, the crux of the story and the author’s real message behind drafting the manuscript in the very first place

By questioning the author’s choices in narrative development and his or her notions about as to what holds importance in life… Readers analyze the author’s craft and try to relate their experiences with the authors to gain a better understanding of their own life events and seek solutions to the conflicts that are similar.

2. Promotional Video for the author and the book

Promotional Video for the author and the book is often accompanied by tits bits about the storyline of the book, inspiration behind the writing, updates about work in progress, some short form of a trailer, etc.  All of this is done to increase personal engagement with the fan base.

3. Book review

Book reviews are a concise summary of the contents of a book based on an individual reading experience. Drive sales by making them more discoverable, imminent, and worthy. The more the number of book reviews, the higher are the chances of that book being brought by the customers. A vital tool used in promoting sales and saving time plus energy of readers looking to select from the endless options available online.

4. Audio Book

The sale of audiobooks is even more than that of paperbacks and eBooks because it is easy and convenient for people to sit back and relax while the narrative version plays in the background. A book finishes in a shorter duration as compared to reading it with breaks.

Audiobooks increase your fan base by being accessible to people who are different from the normal ones. Differently-abled eg. dyslexic or blind people, busy and over-occupied ones and then there are those who are less educated, non-readers or belong to a particular linguistic background.

Audiobooks make authors easily discoverable on a digital map which indirectly helps in increasing sales of the book. They are found to be very comfortable while traveling, also relatively inexpensive and budget-friendly.

5. eBooks Marketing

A higher rate of eBooks are sold and bought by people than printed paperbacks and hardcover copies. Working and reading online especially on go has become the new trend these days.

Digitally-savvy readers­­­­­ are likely to make recommendations, write reviews, join groups and discuss with others on social media about what they find best about their reads via GoodReads, blogs etc.

6. Website Design & Development

SEO-friendly Website Development and its Importance?

A personal author website in the digital realm helps you in staying up to date with the latest developments in your arena and direct contact with your readers, influencers, agents, publishers etc.

For a new writer in the market with unpublished work, it becomes all the more important to have some basic pages embedded in your website that are SEO friendly for easy and quick accessibility by readers whom unresolved fathom after reading the novel will be at their peak. Your website must include –

  1. A Good Bio or an About page
  2. A page that encompasses all the details of your published or unpublished work up till now
  3. Contact page
  4. Links to your social media platforms that will keep your readers.
  5. Email newsletters

The following elements have to be taken into consideration while designing the homepages, linking development and inserting content in an author’s website.

All these parameters will be taken care of by the website development services provided by us-

  • Site accessibility and architecture
  • Page speed
  • HTML
  • SEO keyword research
  • Title Tags
  • Table of Contents (H1)
  • URL structure
  • Images with an alternative text
  • Optimize Meta Descriptions
  • Catchy Headings and Subheadings
  • Formatting Content on the Page
  • Internal Linking
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Content Audit
  • Sitemaps
  • External Links
  • Protocols HTTP vs. HTTPS
  • SSL certificates
  • Comments
  • Search Intent
  • Newsletters

7. Social Media Audit and What We Work on

A social media audit is a process of reviewing your business’ metrics to assess growth, opportunities and what can be done to improve your social presence.

  • Profile information (name and URL)
  • Engagement metrics
  • Publishing metrics
  • Audience demographics
  • Referral traffic
  • Channel specific metrics

8. Social Media Marketing

Why is social media marketing and strategizing essential for the authors?

  • Social media marketers connect with and engage readers in the storyline on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or any other social media platform where they visit often
  • Using unconventional methods and impressive graphics
  • For building brand awareness, rapport and trust among the followers
  • Networking and growing your audience
  • Building opportunities for yourself- from content readers to content publishers
  • Gain of goodwill, solving queries and constructive feedback mechanism

Why is social media marketing and strategizing essential for the books?

  • For increased traffic on the portal
  • Generating leads- classifying them as hot, warm and cold leads and converting them.
  • Identifying target audience,
  • Increasing the reach and number of customers day by day
  • Quality and number of shares on a social media platform
  • For branding purposes.

Social content (Graphics)

Graphic creation service is necessary to stimulate online growth and engagement. It becomes very important to advertise your brand with visual appeal. Good quality content is just not enough. Graphic designing is vital to make it relatable to the audience and leave a strong impact so that they come back for more.

  • Images
  • Videos or reels
  • Social infographics
  • Memes

Facebook Page Creation & Marketing

Presence on Facebook helps to generate leads through emails and reach out to people easily. Billions of potential customers are there whom in-depth insights can be gained by Facebook analytics and target audience can be carved out. Building brand loyalty by consistent presence while simultaneously connecting your favorite business apps with the homepages helps in increasing influencer reach to the author as well as the books.

  • Creation of Authors page
  • Making a Facebook Business Page for the book
  • Creating a Facebook personal group and finding the best ones for you
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Personal Profile creation to market the book

Author Promotion on Facebook

An organic resource for authors to share their book updates to fostering a community of readers. From sharing event updates to networking everything is possible on Facebook. Services we provide for Author Promotion are

  • Paid marketing
  • Book campaigning
  • Setting up landing pages that link to your Facebook posts
  • Post about upcoming releases
  • Post book trailers
  • Book giveaways posting
  • Facebook Shoppable feature
  • Boosting posts on your page switch the help of tags, likes, and audience engagement
  • Insight feature for tracking activities

9. Book Advertising for Authors – Banner ads on our website, partner website & social Media 

For promotional purposes, Brand building, Public relations management and Book Advertisment, we require Customization of images, a Sponsored Display of Brands, Lockscreen Ads, Social media banners for authors, Publisher logos to be inserted wherever required.

Social media banners for authors tend to be a little different according to the platform Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, google+ and so on. A hyperlink that directs you to the page from where to buy or view more details is to be embedded in all of these Banners Ads.

We will advertise books on our website, our partner websites and across all Social Media Platforms.

10. Amazon Optimization (Optimize Amazon, Move up Ranking and Sell more Books)

 How to fit in Amazon A9 Algorithm Search

  • Optimizing Amazon keywords
  • Addition of keywords to the product listing
  • Product Listing fields, their Indexation, and Description Optimization
  • Main amazon product image and additional images optimization
  • Product reviews by customers
  • Drive internal and external traffic to the homepage
  • Email feedback sequence

“Your brand is what you think about, Not what you think about yourself!”