I (29m) got rejected by my family when I was 23, it was a traumatic experience for me, I am talking about the day when everyone was at my house. It was amusing because my family was nuclear and all of a sudden everybody including my grandparents (74m & 71f) were at my house. Of course, I have to mention that it was the day of anniversary of my brother and SIL (sister-in-law) (33f), yes, my brother john (34m) was married and it was his wedding anniversary ceremony. He was 28 at that time, even tho my family was nuclear my house was pretty big. We had a big backyard in it, it was where the ceremony was organized.

I am an Introvert so I was feeling awkward being among my family members, yes according to me ESH (everyone sucks here) but not all are TA (total asshole). It is not going to be so great experience for me since I was not very talkative, I thought. I was wrong about this until the cousin with whom I am very close with came, his name is Michael (30m) he was 24 at that time his bday was also in few months. His younger sibling Laurance (26f) also came, I was getting comfortable with her as we met at a function 20 days ago, she was a psychologist. The moment they came I felt relieved as the weight of the burden on my brain got lighter. Michael was a free minded guy, so I have told him about the thing I was going to do. He did not think twice or hesitated to support me, I was thinking AITA (am i the asshole) but when he supports me, I got some kind of confidence, my brother john also knew about it but he told me that it is a risky task to do but he will support me, we all siblings and cousins started partying. my SIL asked john “what are we hiding?”, yeah, she is TA according to me, and even more of an asshole is my brother who answered it! Yeah, you heard it right he answered it. I was so embarrassed! That day I got to know I was the one who’s an TA. How can I not think of her! I still had faith and I told john to handle it. And for God’s sake he did it!

When all of this is going on suddenly my SIL came told me how I was “The Golden Child of My Family” and how I was everyone’s favorite. I really thought for it and I was now more confused because of this good boy past shit, this was really a pause button for my brain. I was totally blank. Thinking what do choose in this situation, I was not able to find the solution as I was stuck between past and future. Thanks to my cousin Laurance she helped me as she is a psychologist, I underestimated her, she was really a solution finder. Finally, after those few hours of traumatic blankness I was able to decide what I have to do, but it was too late to call her.

The day was spent well but it ended quickly, the plan was still there and today is the day when I will reveal the truth that I love one girl and I will marry her! It was 9 in the morning when I woke up, man the maddening voice of those spoilt kids. I am damn sure everyone has these kinds of kids in their family. Not only kids but as I said ESH.

My father (52m) was giving farewell to other family members who lived far away, no worries, he was just lightening my burden although he doesn’t know about that. He is very strict as he was retired from US Navy, furious man with a fat moustache and beard, no doubt, why my siblings and cousins are not so comfortable and friendly with him. Well, I was also frightening about what will happen if I told him, and on the other side I my mother (50f) was with us siblings as my mother is very friendly, we were joking around with my mom. But my life can never be at peace my SIL whispered in something in my mom and her reaction was shocking. Still as she is my mother, she is NTA (not the asshole) unlike my SIL, rather than scolding me she decided to handle things and support me. My mother knew that my SIL is an TA so she in a MIL (mother in law) tone told her not to spread things, as my mother was also on my side, I was very happy and confident, but it was not the end. My father was still remaining, he agreeing on us will be the real win.

All of the family members except Michael & Laurance were at the house to support me, it was 7:30pm, I called Abigail (29f). yes, she is “HER” whom I mentioned above. “Oh God I have faith in you in and only you, please help this fellow disciple of yours”, I said. She picked the call. “Hello, is everything fine? May I come over? She spoke. I answered say please come ASAP! The doorbell rings, we were confused that is it Abigail or my father? My mother opened the door and it was Abigail. We welcomed her like non other, my mother pampered her very well and we all started to discuss about it. Mother called my name from the kitchen; my mother told me that you’re very lucky but your father is a man of his words he has already said that your marriage will be arrange marriage. “But I also shall have some freedom, I love her and I can’t see any other than her”, I said. You have to say this to your dad dear, mom told.

And finally, the door bells rings again, everyone saw Abigail as my bestie but now except my father everyone knows the truth. Mom opened the door and my father was there. He was calm and somewhat happy because he was gone to his friend’s promotion party. Little did we know he was drunk also, but we didn’t get any hints of he being drunk. soon we sat at the dining table it was complete silence, “dad I want to tell you that …… I … I love Abigail”, I don’t know what I was thinking but I thought to just say it because the silence was not the answer. “Okay So What?”, my dad told. I was numb, what to do now? but then my mother told my father “He wants to marry her, honey, everyone has rights to do what they want, Miguel is the golden child of our family. “He WAS the golden child of our family!”, father said. “Hey Miguel, leave my house right now!”, I was frightened.

For few hours my family was arguing, it was the first time someone stood against my father and it was my family. But I guess no one can change the mind of my dad, at last my dad shouted “Miguel leave this house, right now!” it was traumatizing really. Although it was tough but I had to, I LEFT MY HOUSE….  “Will be continued”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    – Gaurav soni


  1. Dikshu Tak

    Hey, I read your story and I have to say it was quite engaging. The plot had a good mix of family dynamics, personal struggles, and unexpected twists. The characters were well-developed, especially Miguel and his journey of self-discovery. The emotional tension between Miguel, his father, and Abigail was palpable, keeping me hooked till the end. However, I would suggest paying attention to the pacing of certain scenes to maintain a smooth flow throughout the story. Overall, great job! Keep writing and exploring different themes and storytelling techniques.