The story is about myself visiting a village and encountering a friendly ghost in the mango tree saving me and thus becoming a friend.

 Ghosts or phantoms are considered to be an apparition or an illusion by most of the people in this world but one experience of my life forced me to believe in them.

        It so happened that I had gone to my village to spend college holidays during summer. I usually spend my holidays at my native village in Manan. Since everyone comes to the village during good weather it has somehow become a routine to me every year.It was the same monotonous routine for me again, going to the river fishing, playing cricket in the village field, chasing the dogs and plucking mangoes from the trees.

   Mangoes are my favourite during this time of the year. Even in my courtyard we had one big mango tree.I had never thought of eating the mangoes from my own tree but had always had the whim of stealing the mangoes from the mango orchard in the vicinity, but this year we had made up our mind to discover a new orchard. My cousins were little mischievous and would always have something up their sleeves to give me new surprises.

This time they had located a new orchard with an eerie atmosphere. The orchard had one big water tank which was the only source of water supply for it .It was another mischievous day in our life.We were clinging to the branches and climbing the new trees in order to pluck some of the sweetest mangoes.

  As I was trying to reach out for the one at the extreme. I lost my balance and tumbled down and as I was about to strike the ground when something held me back and saved me from falling. I could not believe it. I took it to be a chance happening .After two days I had a dream of a big giant who had his abode on the same tree.

During my next venture in the orchard I was convinced that something unnatural exists and rests on these trees.

After about a week I was once again saved from drowning in the water tank when I had tried to reach out for a gold fish. A few more incidents confirmed that there is an existence of some friendly Ghost, as most of us started calling it. It was the name given to this spirit on the tree. Later on some of the villagers joined us in the rumours, but I only knew that these were not rumours.

After a few days I had another dream in which I saw the same spirit coming into my dreams, requesting me to save the orchard .I was informed that some people from the nearby town wanted to use the land for constructing a new factory. The very next morning I was astonished to confirm that really there were some people who had bought the land with the intention of constructing a building over there.

As far as my endeavours were concerned I tried my best to save that precious land by telling the owner about this friendly ghost, but nobody paid any heed to my advice .My holidays were also coming to an end .I had to leave for my town. I boarded the train with a sad heart.I was in low spirits throughout my journey .The very next day I woke up with preparations for school.

Coincidentally, I picked up the morning newspaper and was surprised to read the column which had mentioned about the road accident of the owner of the same mango orchard.

The orchard was now bought by some agricultural expert who wanted to do some research on the mangoes.

I did not say anything about it to anyone in my family but was eagerly waiting for my next holiday, the following year.