Dhruv-Tara is not the story of the star we know. Its about the shine of this star that reflects in the relation of the brother and sister in this story. We always wish to have a brother/sister whom we can rely on and who fulfills our wishes without telling. this is a story of a similar girl whose brother is always there for. 


                                “Tara! Tara! Where are you dear?” asked the young boy coming in through the doorway.

He was Dhruv, a 19 year old boy, the elder brother of Tara. “Tara, look I have brought you the shoes you wished to wear on your birthday. Come, put them on and show how they look on you?” Tara came running to see what her brother had brought for her. But when she saw the shoes the smile on her face just vanished away. She angrily told him “What is this bhaiya? I wanted the pink shoes and look you bought me the white ones. You always do this.” And she started crying. Dhruv tried to console her and said, “But Tara this shoes would go with your school uniform too. And look how beautiful and stylish they are.” But Tara was not going to listen any of his explanation. She wanted to have the pink shoes that her friend Priya had.

                                Dhruv was studying in an engineering college and had to work along with his studies to be able to give her sister all the comfort she ever wanted. On the other hand Tara was 9-year old cute little girl, who was very stubborn and always wanted something more than her brother could afford. But still Dhruv tried to give all the happiness to his sister. He did not take account of his needs so that he can provide her sister with all the luxuries and lavishness she ever thought of. He never wanted her to think that the death of their mom and dad had affected their life. He never let her miss her mother and father.

                                After some days she went to Dhruv and said, “Bhaiya, I want a new dress on my birthday.

All my friends have got a new frock on their birthdays. I also want one.” Her brother thought for a while, sighed and said sadly, “Tara I’m sorry but nowadays we are running out of money. You know we have to pay the rent of this house in the first week of the month. And I have also not yet received my salary. So this time I’ll not be able to present you a new dress on your birthday. I am really sorry for that dear. Hope you’ll understand.” But Tara was not going to understand. She thought that her brother didn’t want to give her anything on her birthday. So she ran to her room and started weeping. But Dhruv had no way to calm her down and make her know that how he was trying to make her birthday special but failed every time he tried to do something good for her.

                                This went for a few years. Dhruv had now completed her graduation. He had got a  better job. Tara was now in college. She was studying fashion designing, which had been her dream since she was in school. After many efforts Dhruv had done her admission in the best fashion designing college of the city.

Now they were getting better standards of living. After completion of the first year of Tara’s graduation she wanted a laptop so that she can complete her projects and assignments.

She told Dhruv that she wanted the latest model of laptop. Dhruv promised her that he would try to buy a laptop as soon as possible. Next week when Dhruv got his salary the first thing he did was to order the latest laptop model for her beloved Tara. He was just returning home after going to the shop.

                                But something had to happen before he could tell her sister that she was getting her wish fulfilled. As Dhruv was crossing the road a car came in full speed and BOOM!!! CRASH. It went in front of Dhruv and hit him. He laid there unconscious, his body dripped in blood. Tara was on her way to home when she got a phone call from her brother’s mobile. But it was not the voice of Dhruv. A man had seen the accident and went to help Dhruv. He had got his phone and called Tara’s number. He told her that the owner of this phone had met with an accident. He has already informed the ambulance. And that she should reach the city hospital right away. The phone call was a shock for her. She was thoughtless for a while. But soon was driving her Activa at full speed to reach the hospital as soon as she can.

                                By the time she reached the hospital, Dhruv was shifted in the emergency ward and the doctors had started the treatment. She thanked the person who called her and brought her brother to the hospital. The receptionist had told her to pay the fees. She didn’t know how she was going to pay the fees for her brother’s treatment as she had no money at that time. Then she remembered that her brother had saved some money for emergency situations. She quickly went home, opened the almirah and took out the money she needed. She rushed to the hospital and paid the fees at the reception. She got the news there that Dhruv was conscious and that she can meet him then. She went in the room and was happy to see Dhruv. She sat beside him. He told her that he was going to give her a surprise.

He said,

“Tara, you told me that you needed a laptop to complete your assignments. I had gone today to order a new laptop for you. I hope at least this time I would be able to make you happy.”

On this Tara started crying. She sobbingly said, “Bhaiya, I was wrong. Every time you did something good for me I always used to find some fault in it. I never tried to understand the efforts you made for me to be happy. Today for a moment when I thought I was going to lose you. I realized that all these years what I was wanting was just you. I never wanted anything else but you. Please promise me, you will never leave me alone.” And she started crying. Dhruv tried to soothe her and said, “Tara, stop crying. I promise we’ll always be together. Soon I’ll be perfectly fine and again will start with my work to give my sister the lavish…….”

                                Tara, interfering her brother in between, said “No bhaiya. You have already done too much for this demanding sister of yours. Now it’s my turn to give you all the things that you wanted to have but were not able to get because of my demands.  I’ll now give you all the things that you ever wished of.”

                                After a week’s rest, Dhruv was discharged from the hospital. He went home and was surprised to see his home well decorated for his welcome. He was amazed to see that Tara had brought him his most favourite wrist watch. She hugged him and told him that she had got a part time job and that now he didn’t need to worry about the need of money for the household things. Now his sister has grown enough to take care of her brother and her house as well.

                                After that everything became easygoing. Dhruv started with his job once again. Tara was doing well in her studies and her performance in her job was also excellent. They had owned a little house. And as all the stories have, this one also had a HAPPY ENDING!!