This story is the story of every other girl who crossed as well as is dealing through the circle of heartbreaks and despair. How she shreds the innocent cover of her own and gets into a grown-up woman skin is brought up through her emotions and the environment she deals with.


She was a young, untouched hazel eyed girl with a fair unblemished skin. A poetess in her own world of imaginations peeking the life in her rhymes. The unexposed world and balancing emotions has always been vulnerable for such girls.

At the age of 21, she felt for man of 25. Her diary was the proof of her innocent love for him with every feeling of her inked on its pages. The long nights would end with his voice and she would melt in as a child hearing a soft lullaby. She had grown in a family where mind games and tricks were unknown, where humanity was cherished and taught. her sensitive heart was the result of those teachings.

Soon to settle down abroad, he was a passenger of another city who would visit her every month. In those initial stages of relation, their meeting was limited to café’s and long walks discussing how would they spend two years in different countries, how the time would pass and she will be with him for lifetime. With a trust kept on him, from holding hands, they unclothed themselves in front of each other. A physical relation was bonded.

She gave her skin and soul to him.

Tore away her limits and she laid for him.

The man would thrust himself into her, again and again with more ardour. He never touched her face, never kissed her but her body was never freed by him. Again, and again this round was played. would she come back into her room, the mirror would chase her reflection saying you are not you. A suppressed smile played on her lips and she felt love grew stronger as if.

One day, he went away, to a new land, new people. The day he left behind everything he found worthless to be kept. The things that included her, waiting for him.

Rare, did she knew, she was just a cover to him. A cover to be worn by the man when he needs. As the cover fades, it is to be thrown by him. She too was thrown away by him. He shed the burden on the bed himself and picked up a new destination.

Seasons passed and she kept waiting for a reason to be unveiled from him for the diminution she was left with in her life. But there was no knock to be heard by him. A lifeless body starting staying in a room that once would make her blush.

Winter stood by her room’s window pane questioning her presence. The air present inside those purple walls seemed to be heavy. The glass pane in the left corner was left untouched from a long decade. Shimmering green lights were not lightened up. Now, there was always a silence moaning of a sorrow, of a loss no one in that house was aware of, a loss no one was going through. If someone was, it was only the room and the girl who once lived there.

She was the drawing of his lust,

Stained by colors of his touch.

Had he never wanted to drew,

But to probe his hands on her,

And line out a girl he need…

When her screams went silent and tears soaked down one day, she saw the death of innocence in her.  One same Question stroked her mind, for who and how long would she be suffering?

After months, she strongly stood up to clean her skin and walk back onto the path she had left for him. To be someone for her own self instead of a girl who was left in the black, be an answer to the questions her inner conscience kept yelling. Collecting every broken piece of herself, a woman walked out of the room that one day. For the world, nothing had changed but for her, the world had. She stepped into the cover of a lady who never looked on a defeat and got lost all alone in a world with changed view.

Year later, he tried to confront the girl he had left behind. But she was not there anymore.