[future] –

Zian – dang that’s so cool!!

{stranger} – uh … yeah. Haha!

Zian – so…. how can I go back in my timeline?

{stranger} – that is what I am thinking from two months

Zian – TWO MONTHS!!??

{stranger} – (sighs) yes mate.

[narrator] – pretty confusing, isn’t it? Well let’s clear it. This is an adventurous story of a boy named Zian. He was middle class boy who stays at a rural area, and works in a small company situated in an urban area.

[present] –

Zian – man it’s almost 9:45, I am really late. It’s too dark man!

[narrator] – there was only one light on the railway junction and all Zian saw was darkness and cricket voices. Irony is that train was not late, train already left for next station about 20 mins before Zian arrived at junction. He was informed by a man passing by the junction.

(Zian) – what the heck!! What shall I do now? maybe I shall wait for next train.

[narrator] – 5 mins later he saw something strange on the platform. It was like a hole in the air, it was releasing a very big amount of grey smoke and the centre of the hole was blue in colour.

(Zian) – man I am hallucinating. I need to eat something, I guess.

or … is this real?

[narrator] – Zian was scared, he walked towards it. He maintained a safe distance, but the gravitational force of the portal was very strong. Suddenly he felt a strong force at his back, it felt like some big creature pushed him in that.

(Zian) – what the….

[narrator] – He was fainted, when he opened his eyes. He saw a strong light; he could not see anything for few seconds. But when he saw something…… he could see himself in more than a million cubes and every cube is different from each other. In every cube Zian’s personality was different. His life was different and, in some cubes, there was just nothingness.

(Zian) – where am I? is this even real?

Or am I dead? If I am dead is this what Jannat is? Or is this the afterlife in which Egyptian believed?

[narrator] – Zian was very confused, in spite of all of these Zian was experiencing an unknown sound like someone is trying to say something but the sound was not clear it was like vibrations. He tried to move in to some cubes but it was not possible for him, but then he heard the vibration coming from a cube in which there was nothingness, he tried to sneak into the cube in which there was nothingness. Suddenly he finally got into it. He entered the timeline and cube in which he was not even born or died in that world, he was finally feeling that he is alive and he could finally touch his body, he can feel his body.

(Zian) – finally I… I am home?

It doesn’t look like my home.

am I really in my room?

[narrator] – he goes down stairs and sees his house is not in a good condition and it is burnt. He sees the board at front door, it says his parents died due to forest-fire. Because of this incident he was not born and there is no one named Zian Ahmed Shaikh.

(Zian) – my parents died?

how is this even possible? They were alive last night and why is my name not mentioned here?

[narrator] – while Zian was drowning in these questions, an unknown man wearing jacket and mask choked his neck and Zian fainted. When Zian woke, he was on chair with ropes tied all around his body, looks like he is kidnapped but he was wrong.

The unknown man checked his bag and found his id card. After he saw Zian’s id card, he throwed it and he was cheering and happy for no reason.

{stranger} – no way this is really youuuu!!!

[narrator] – Zian was confused, so as you are. Well, your doubts will surely be cleared in next part! Till then stay tuned. 😀

                                                                                                                                                                                                        – Smaartiist 


  1. Ayushi Jain

    I read your awesome story “Junction” on Storieo. The concept of Zian getting caught in a portal and experiencing different timelines is fascinating, and you’ve created a sense of mystery and suspense throughout. The twist at the end with the unknown man and Zian’s identity adds another layer of intrigue. Overall, it’s a gripping story that kept me hooked. My suggestion would be to clarify some parts where the transitions between different timelines and realities could be a bit confusing for the reader. Adding a few more descriptive details in those sections would help to enhance the clarity. Great job, and keep up the good work!