In India usually kids live with their parents even after they turn 20 or 30 years old. Some of them also live lifelong with their family . But this is’nt the same in western culture. As soon as a guy becomes 17 or 18 years old they buy a house on rent with their friends and also work somewhere to earn their own living as much as they can. The Indian system and the western system is totally opposite in this case. I guess the foreign system is quite good if considered living in the 21st century. Children become responsible and the confidence of earning money makes them tough players of life. Indian kids totally depend on their parents for everything until they start earning themselves. From buying clothes to education fees everything is supported totally by Indian parents. This system was better during the 90s or 80s but in the 21st century if you have to be a tough competitor then you have to an all rounder. Also in India kids feel a bit shy if asked to work in book shops or in food courts which are good places to earn in teenage. While foreign kids will easily work in malls,shops or even drive taxi after getting license of course!

So I have observed this on my own that whenever Indian kids are left alone they all feel the freedom that they always wanted. Sometimes parents go out for at least a week to relatives marriage. Sometimes they go out for a picnic . So during such occassions as there are exams and tuitions of youngsters they don’t tag along with their parents . As a result they are left alone at home.

So I experienced something similar when I was 20 years old. I was studying in an engineering college and living with my parents. Just as it was the start of my second semester my parents had to go to a relatives marriage which was way far away from my home. My mom and dad left the house in the morning while I was still sleeping . When I got up I saw some money kept on the dining table for me to survive alone  and some fruits and snacks for breakfast. I had lived alone before in the same way but this time it was something different. As a 20 years old kid my mom already told me to keep the house neet and clean which added to my responsibilty. I was always lazy and doing the house work seemed to be a big task. The breakfast was done and now it was time to play some loud music. This is done by every kid in the world I reckon that if he is kept alone then the tv volume just increases beyond the average volume when whole family is present. I switched on to some loud and good music and my single party was on!

Till now everything was going in my way . I even called some of my friends at home in the night time for some snacks and movies . You can now imagine how kids live to the fullest when a sudden freedom is granted to them. There was no one to tell me for a week to keep my sheets folded after a sleep or to water the plants and do the dishes.

Day 1 went really well with a blast but now the snacks were over and I had two option to fill my stomach. Either I buy food from outside or try to cook at home and honestly I did’nt know cooking so I had to order from outside. When I opened my door to go out for lunch I noticed that the other night I did’nt lock my safety door and kept it open which could have proven to be risky. Mym mom had already told me to lock the safety doors and windows but I forgot. Luckily there was no robber eying on me. Now before I would step out I checked that everything was properly closed .

Couple of days went eating outside food and all my clothes were used from the wardrobe. There was a heap of clothes to be washed and a heap of dishes to be done . Two days were left for my mom dad to come back and till now i have messed up with everything. I did’nt want to listen to my moms harsh words after she sees the house dirty so thought to start the cleaning work.  First I took all the clothes and put it in the washing machine. Then I started doing the dishes. For at least an hour I was dealing with the clothes and dishes . My mom hardly takes 15 minutes to do this! Then it was the time to clean the bed and arrange all the sheets and coushions. Whole day I was busy doing this house work. almost the evening was getting over and i was done with this. Tired and frustrated but a bit happy with finishing everything too.

This was the little incident which made me think so much that foreign kids are way much ahead of us when it comes to live alone from a very young age onwards. The younger generation is obviously good in studies and academics but the real life starts when you can manage to survive all alone just from your teenage. That’s when every child can become tough menatlly and physically. I learnt how to manage in little amount of money and how much efforts are required to keep your house clean . If life gives you responsibilities then they just makes you stronger and you learn a lot from it.