Vishal got admission in an engineering college which was quite far from his home. He used to travel by metro to a nearby bus stop for college. The from that bus stop he used to catch a bus and finally reaches college. This was his routine five days a week. So the first year of engineering college started with a lot of excitement . Everyone was introducing each other and were enjoying the starting moments. The class teacher came and gave all the details that anyone can face in an engineering college. Students who would fail in any subject will have to give that subject in the next semester along with the new semester and this could build up the pressure on them ,said the teacher. As everyone were new all were focussing on the words of the teacher. In the evening there was a pledge taken in the seminar hall by all the freshers that they would try and succeed and become a great engineer in future. The first days went like that with a lot of excitement but this excitement was not going to last for a long.

Vishal was staying too far away so whenever he used to come to college he definitely would miss the first lecture. He was with me in the first shift batch so the college used to start at 8.30 am onwards. By the time Vishal would reach the college it would already be 10am. I became his good friend as he was as talkative and humorous as me. He had a lot of knowledge about electronic stuffs and was all the time involved in knowing new technologies or inventions.  He also loved gaming but was’nt good enough in sports. The term is called as K.T (Kept Term) if any subject of any student would not get cleared.

December has arrived and it was the time for the first semester. All of us were really afraid and tensed of our first engineering exam . Vishal who was good in studies and other activities was preparing hard for his first exam along with me. Slowly slowly days progressed and all the exams were over and everyone was feeling happy and sad at the same time as soon it would be time for the results to come. Vishal and me were sitting on the last bench during one lecture suddenly he whispered “I’m not sure about one subject which is mechanics that would get cleared in the recent exam”. I was also not confident with that subject and I replied that even I’m feeling the same. If that subject does’nt get cleared then we would get a K.T in that subject which would build up a lot of pressure on us. As more than six month in college were gone people have now become quite comfortable with everything. All of us now know how to prepare and work in degree colleges.

Few days passed and it was Vishal’s birthday . Our group decided to give him a surprise with a cake which he would cut at the end of the college. The class was dismissed and we all surprised him with a large cake and some party bombs. Vishal was truly happy that day.

His confusing life begins at the  result day. He along with me did not clear the subject of mechanics. Definitely both of us were feeling the pressure of dealing an extra huge subject in the next semester .

Days passed and the pressure got built up even more in the coming years. Due to one subject left to get cleared in my first year I could not go in the third year  and Vishal who was in third year now had 5 K.Ts in semester subjects and 2 K.Ts in Practicals and one in Termwork and also other two K.Ts of second year. Which means he now has to give the next semester which had six new subjects alongwith all the above mentoioned K.Ts. Huge pressure on 21 year old guy and the reason for my one year drop and his K.Ts were the seriousness which was lost everyday in college. Both of us did’nt keep our priorities of studying first and then enjoying other things. We just kept getting pressure but we got so confused that we did not try to solve out our problems. This is not just a story of two guys but a story of thousands of students in this country and everywhere in the world.

Youngsters get so confused these days that they forget enjoyment and studies go parallel. Some students don’t enjoy life and do only studies but some enjoy both and some like vishal and his friend only enjoy and forget their priorities. To get out of such problems a students aim should be to come first in his class. First,because if you aim to come first you would at least come in the top 10 . Your college should recognise who are you because you have taken admission in this college. If you aim the moon you would at least hit the stars.