This is a story where the people of a country tries to identify an animal.


Once upon a time, they lived a king. He had a huge kingdom. There was no dearth of anything except knowledgeable clever men. There was a huge river flowing through the centre of his kingdom stretching its tributaries and distributaries on both sides fertilizing the soil, making it green. When the king stood on the veranda of his palace he could see the ripples in the blue river. Breeze from the rivers kept his kingdom cool and serene.

There was one huge problem that the king faced while governing his kingdom; the people were stupid. They had to be told in details what could be done and they would blindly follow it. Once, a clerk was copying a royal decree he noticed that in between the lines there is the corpse of a fly. Instead of throwing away the dead fly, the clerk started searching for a fly to kill and paste. The whole day passed like this. Finally he could manage to catch and kill a fly. When his superior asked him why he could not complete his work he explained to him the situation. His superior instead of being angry was pleased to see his dedication.

Not even the king was spared of stupidity. At one point of time he had decided to move his capital inland for he felt it might be easily attacked by the pirates who came water way. He was convinced that to change the capital when one needs to carry the whole population of the old capital to the new capital. Once he had done the blunder of the exchange of people of the two places his chief minister told him that this was not necessary. Only with a few group of people changing location along with the royalty would have been enough. Immediately the king realized his fault. He decided he along with the entire population would move back to the river bank capital.

The king realized that the only clever person ion his kingdom was his chief minister. So, to not let any cleverness escape from his body he build him a glass room and preserved him like a treasure. The prime minister was not allowed to talk to anybody or to think as the king did not want all his cleverness to be used up in such petty activities. He would be preserved only for the king to use.

One monsoon the neighbouring kingdom was hugely affected by flood. People were homeless, trees had broken down and the animals that had drowned, their corpse washed up on the banks of this river. One fine morning, the people saw a strange animal lying on the bank. It was huge; it had a big belly and was black in colour. The people were stunned to see it. The king was called. He too could not identify the animal for there was no pig in his kingdom.

The prime minister was brought out of his glass chamber to identify the animal. He closely looked at the pig and said, there were two chances, either it was an elephant who had eaten a lot and therefore shrunk and died or perhaps it could have been a rat who had eaten too much thus had inflated. The king was very pleased to hear this diagnosis. He gifted the prime minister with riches for his wise understanding and sent him back to his glass chamber.