Its about how friendship is important in one’s life and how great friends a girl and a guy could be.

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Days were passing and our friendship grew better everyday. Both of us had lost hopes on the concept of  love, we were scared of another heartbreak and hence we never fell in love. Instead , we cared for each other too much, shared whatever is on mind, happiness, sadness, old memories and so on. Our bonding became so strong and no other harmful thoughts rose in our mind. We used to be together at home watching movies or having fun even at late evening yet our hearts were so pure that we had true care and friendship in mind and nothing else. And thus an year has passed and we were the best friends forever. I felt so secure when I was with him.

I felt contented that I had been fully healed from my heartbreak because of this true care and unconditional relationship. I felt that my Aadhi was the GIFT OF MY LIFE that God has sent to make me happy in this world.  These were the thoughts and memories that filled up my mind when I was at the balcony last night.

Waking up the next morning, I cooked the breakfast and went to his home to check on him. I found him still sleeping and poured a glass of water in his face to wake him up. He woke up with a jerk and started chasing me for my act. We were playing from his bedroom through the hall, kitchen and his entire home. We stopped with laughter only after he poured a whole jug of water over my head in revenge. We then made ourselves ready to the office and left.

At the evening on our way back to home, he received a call from his mom. I knew her well and we spoke sometime. We were good friends to our family too. His mom spoke to me about his marriage. I felt really happy about the new life that my friend has to start through this marriage. As we reached home, I conveyed him about the idea of his marriage. I could see from his eyes that he felt little sad thinking of his past. I went near him, patted his shoulder and gave him a smile as he looked at me.

I said, “Trust me, you will really have a great life partner who will understand your feelings of the past and will surely care for you and give you the love you have lost.”

He was silent and I tapped him again to bring him to the present. He looked through my eyes and said “nobody else could understand me more than you. Also, no other girl would like her husband having a female friend so closer to him. I do not want to lose you at any cost, especially in the name of marriage. I don’t want to lose this relationship of ours for a fake bond called marriage. I don’t want to get married.”

I was shocked. I thought he wasn’t interested in marriage just because of his past bitter experiences in love but only now I understood that he wasn’t interested in marriage just because he wanted my friendship forever. I thought to myself that I did the same when my mom spoke about my marriage previously. I consoled him and we clearly explained our thoughts to both of our parents and they freed us for an year. Our parents were good friends just like us. Soon they had found a bride and a groom suitable to us.

First we met my groom and I introduced Aadhi to him. That meeting felt good as our parents had already told them about us. The three of us became good friends and I felt that this bonding would not break my friendship with my Aadhi. The same thing happened while we met Aadhi’s bride. Sooner, our marriage was arranged and we got married on the same day in the same hall. We were the happiest in the world that day. We became a best example of friendship to the world. Only I had to shift myself to my husband’s home and yet we were in good contact with each other.

In all situations, Aadhi helped me and even my husband at his official works. Similarly, I was a good friend to Aadhi’s wife just as I was with him. Happiest was life thereafter. We did not lose the best bonding of our life and at the same time had a personal soul mate for ourselves as per our parent’s wish. Soon, I had a baby boy and Aadhi got a baby girl. Our family entirely was too friendly and lively in relation to each other and our kids grew up together.

Years passed and we always wondered how life would have been without these happy relationships. I and Aadhi always thanked our parents for giving us such wonderful partners who respected our friendship. We were so happy and I always remembered the day I first quarreled with Aadhi at the office and that evening party that became the start dot of this relationship. We were pretty sure that our friendship would continue in our next generation through our kids.

Good friends are a gift of life. Never miss them at any cost.