Its about how friendship is important in one’s life and how great friends a girl and a guy could be.


I woke up with the screeching of the alarm in my phone beside my ear and struggled opening my eyes with the sunlight reaching me. I sat up, rubbed my eyes and looked around. Smiling at my usual act that I had slept in the sofa I walked peering for the presence of Aadhi and found him in the kitchen. On seeing me, he started talking “Good morning Mam. How can I help you?” I stared at him for the way he was kidding as if he was my servant. I just tapped him at his back and checked out what he was cooking. Seeing that he was making my favourite sandwiches, I ordered him “Make it ready soon. I will be on table as I refresh myself.”  I left to my home, cleaned up myself and made things ready for the office and reached back the dining table at Aadhi’s home. Meanwhile, he had finished the breakfast preparation and was getting ready to office. He reached the table as I came and we ate our breakfast and left to office together in my car as it was my turn to drive today.

We had our usual busy schedule at the office including our works of having childish fights in the break hours. We left to home together and then I went to my home while he left to his. It was our usual that we finish our works at home soon and join at either one’s home for the dinner. I completed my works and reached out to him. I helped him at the dinner preparation, we ate together and watched a recent movie together in his home theatre. Aadhi had already slept in the middle of the movie. I wasn’t so sleepy and so I left to my home locking his door. Both of us had keys for each other’s home too and we needed it in these kind of situations.

I stepped into my balcony and looked into the stars. Memories started rolling out in mind…..

It was an year ago when I first stepped into QNA easy-study, my present office. Fortunately, I had a great passion to language and I got easily placed in this company and that’s where life started to change. I was in the pain of my heartbreak with a guy during the course of my graduation and I was trying the utmost tough ways to divert myself from those ill thoughts. I felt this job was the best way to change my life from HIM and HIS MEMORIES….

I joined the company soon and the very first day I came across a guy who was constantly interrupting my work. I found that his name was Aadhi.

We were in the same position of jobs in the company and hence we were always colliding in the project results. We had more arguments and looked each other with greater hatred. I felt my life happy was becoming tragic with this guy. Soon, our manager decided to change the domains of work so that we would stop colliding. I felt greatly relaxed and I forgot that there was him , the so-called disturbance at the office.

A month passed and they had arranged for a party from the company. I wasn’t much interested in it yet I attended it since I had no other works that evening. It was a different experience to me for I had been to a party for the first time. Everyone from the office had come with their fiancé or lover. There was songs, dance, few drinks and lights… So different and new to my eyes… I felt a little lonely and greatly sad thinking of my old guy. We were greatly in love for long but he suddenly left me without reasons. His memories brought tears in my eyes and here everyone were partying hard with their partners. I wanted to leave the hall and so I searched for an isolated place. I got through an exit at the side of the hall and saw a garden. There was someone sitting alone there in the grassland. I wasn’t in mood of looking at others now yet I went near him. That face seemed familiar… I thought for a few seconds and remembered that it was that guy who was constantly quarrelling with me previously and then I recalled his name.

“Mr.Aadhi” I called out and he turned wiping his eyes. He may have been crying I thought to myself. He was shocked seeing me and turned his face away again. I felt weird and spoke “sorry for disturbing. But were you crying?” he did not utter anything and I wanted to leave him alone. I turned away but he started speaking, “yes, I miss her”. I did not understand as he whispered it. I turned towards him again. He was looking away yet spoke to me, “I had a great love in my life. She was my Angel. But somehow time played in my life and she left me without reasons.”

I did not completely understand what he spoke yet those words ‘WITHOUT REASONS’ hit me hard and I felt that he too was in the same situation as me. I just found a place beside him and sat down. I started speaking “ do you miss her?”. He nodded and I said “I too miss him on seeing these people” he looked at me now. “I too was in love with a guy. We had been living as the happiest couple of the world. We were so close to each other and he was just my everything. Yet he too left me without reasons.”

“Love is just a fake thing. People change easily with situations. I have realized that there is nothing in this world called love”, he was saying out as he heard me.

I too agreed with his point. If my guy had truly loved me he would not have left me. We had some silence and then he broke it, “sorry for the previous occurrences. I had been in stress with her thoughts and it got out in different way at the office. That’s why I had been arguing with you. Im really sorry.” I felt guilty for I had did the same to him. “I too was in a same kind of situation. Im sorry too”. We smiled at each other and gave a handshake like we were meeting for the first time. We got back to the party hall and took a separate table at a corner and started talking about each other’s habits. We found that we had more similar tastes and we became good friends that day. I thanked to my company at heart for it gave a good chance for a change of opinion with my colleague.

We left to our homes after the party. Days were good as we started talking to each other at the office when we were free. Soon I had to shift my home and was searching for a new home to hire. Aadhi suggested me the flat just opposite to his one in the apartment and I felt it as a good environment. Later I came to know that both of us were living alone in our homes. We started having dayouts at the weekend when we understood each other well. We used to spend time together at either of the one’s home, share food, help the other at work. Thus, our friendship grew day-by-day that everyone around us regarded that we were in love.

Coming back to the present, I left to bed thanking God for the best friend of my life.