People treat those well who are either very famous or have a lot of money but very few treat everyone the same. My mom always taught me to treat the Watchman or the Janitor the same as the CEO of a company.  I literally hate some of the people of my building when it comes to talk to the watchman. I know that he does’nt have a house to live and lives in a small room made under the club house of my building. Some people will also say that these watchmen or the sweepers keep an eye on everyone to rob their houses so we should’nt trust them . I completely agree with them. These days we cannot trust anyone in this cruel world but it still does’nt give me the peace of mind . Why can’t some people behave humanly towards poor people but can easily host rich people with all the respect?

My building’s watchman is literally the most innocent guy . I mean I cannot say that I can trust him completely for my house with keys in his hands but surely he is loyal in his work. There have been many instances in this building and many watchmen have been changed because of laziness but this guy is surely dedicated to every work he is appointed . His name is Lalchand and has one more watchman with him whose name is Mishra and all the members of the building call him Mishra ji. These two watchmen are only during the day time and during the night time there are other two.

So one day Lalchand was busy with some water shortage work in the society and Mr. Goyal living in Flat no 701 who is a CA by profession was going out on work. When Mr. Goyal stepped out of the lift he saw Lalchand was talking on the phone . He started his car and went near the gate where Lalchand was standing . Soon he stepped out of his car anxiously and went straight to Lalchand using abusive language. Mr. Goya thought that Lalchand was only chilling out talking on phone with someone but did’nt realise that he was actually solving the water shortage problem on the phone . I was just standing nearby seeing the matter . Suddenly Lalchand cut the line and said “Sir I am talking to a Municipal Officer about the water shortage.” Clearly Lalchand was deeply hurt with the language used by Mr. Goyal .

(Here you all will start thinking that Mr. Goyal might have apologised for his mistake but there’s something more bitter to the story.)

As Mr. Goyal is so highly educated with having a CA degree I was expecting him to either leave peacefully engulfing his ego or apologising and then leaving. But he did something which really does’nt define his education. He slapped the poor watchman saying “how dare you argue with me? The society does’nt pay you for this nonsense and we cannot tolerate your arrogance anymore . I will definitely tell the committee to remove you from here and appoint a loyal and hardworking person.” Just imagine how will you feel when you have been working whole month in the office and one fine day your boss comes and slaps you in front of everyone saying you are fired from this place? The same feeling was inside Lalchand’s heart right now.

Before Lalchand would break into tears I called my dad and told him everything that had happened. The whole society was gathered within a few minutes . I urged Lalchand to speak out on the matter but he was so  scared that he started crying. A 37 years old man was crying at this age in front of everyone for just being innocent was the worst thing I saw in my life.  At last Lalchand spoke the truth and everyone was ashamed of the behavious that Mr. Goyal showed towards him.

Mr. Goyal still was not ready to apologise due to his egoisitc nature but when the society was starring at him he had to apologise . Lalchand did’nt lose his job but somewhere Goyal did lose his dignity. Of course money is necessary in life and the difference between the poor and the rich will always be there but when someone’s soul is educated then there is some satisfaction of earning that money.