I picture myself center stage in the most enormous and fantastically beautiful beach in the world. Its sand was painted by a famous British painter.

All I see, angles around me, I never felt like this ever before. Their warmth encompasses my body,

I opened my mouth . From deep inside my soul a melody flow out of my chest, off of my tongue and finally creases my lips, with the sweetest touch.

Then, I saw my soulmate, my love.

She measures distances with her eyes and stand right at the center.

I watched her walk by the shore, the sea whipping around his tanned legs . She looked desolated, caught up in the moment.

I watched silently as the girl, I have grown to know and love..no, she was not there .

The girl was still there , but her soul had gone. She was no longer the girl I had fallen in love with.


I was watching her , as I was standing a few steps beside her, I felt guilty . Guilty that I had let her become like this, that I had just let her slip away. I wanted to believe she deserved it, I really did. But I just could not. I could not face another day standing by and watching her ,if she had nothing better to do.

Her eyes did not bear the love they used to – only loneliness  and emptiness not a tremor of joy….


As I walked further up the beach. I threw a rock into the sea, not even the waves lapping at my feet soothing my temper.

All I was think about  how she could do this to me. We were doing just fine, until we hit that rough patch.

I wanted to live my own life, meant to her that we should throw away everything, we ever worked for. Everything that meant the world to me. Then, when I turned . I saw , She was staring down at me, and I then realized that we had that nothing in common .

I read the look on her face to be sympathetic, as she had every right to be. Because she ruined it for us, and pinned all the blame on the victim . But as we stood there, gazing at each other as if frozen in place , there was something missing in the way she looked at me.

There was not a tremor of guilt or shame .