The story is about the religious father and his three sons and how they understand that god is everywhere.


There was a family, the father, the mother and the three sons. The father was very religious and he wanted his sons to be explain them that god is everywhere. He is present with us in difficult times. Even though we can’t see him but he is present. So he thought of an idea through which he can do this.

He called all his three sons and gave them an apple and told them to eat it in a place where no one is looking at them. All the son’s listened to their father’s instructions carefully and starting thinking of a place where they have the apple.

The first child thought of going beyond the curtains and having it. So he took a knife and started cutting the apple and had it. Once he was done with eating the apple he came out and shared the place to his father where he had an apple. His father said to wait for a while as his 2 brothers are yet to come.

Then came the second one, he was thinking and thinking and thinking for a place finally he got a cupboard where he can hide and have his apple. So he took a knife and cut the apple and started having it. After finishing the apple, he came out and shared the place where he had his apple. Their father repeated the same instruction and told both of them to wait as their one more brother is yet to come. They did the same.

Now it was the third one’s turn. He went everywhere. He climbed the mountain, closed the door, hide behind the cupboard, went to his friend’s house, hide behind the tree, sat on the bank of the river everywhere, but he can’t find a single place where he could not find god. He felt the presence of god everywhere. He shared with his father and other two brothers that he went everywhere but can’t eat the apple. Their father was very happy that his third son was so wise and didn’t eat an apple.

Their father explained the same things to his other two sons. That these whole world is governed by god. He is a creator of these world. There is a supernatural power governing us. The sun, the moon, the weather and whatever we are happily enjoying in these world is because of this creator, the supernatural power is all present. That power is present everywhere we go. Whether we climb the mountain, we sit on the bank of a river, hide our self in the cupboard, and go at some else place, close the door, the windows etc. He is seeing us all the time. He is present everywhere. Whether we can see him or not but he is all present. We may have the difficulties in the life but that supernatural power, the god is all present in some way or the other, in some form or the other form to help us and guide us in the difficulties and help us shell through difficult times.


The Moral is that god is everywhere and help us shell through difficult times.