The person who lacks good knowledge can be called as ignorant. A person who has good knowledge is known to be intelligent. Always the Intelligence tries to cheat Ignorance. This is also a similar situation of an Intelligent and an Ignorant.


Chapter 1: A New Job
Siddarth was a new employee in O.J.R Contracting Private Limited. They had their office at Tambaram in Chennai.

They were doing construction of highways for more than a decade.

Siddarth was much excited about his new role as a site engineer.

He was co-ordinating with the Proprietor of the company Mr. Janatharaman.
Janatharaman had many engineers working under him for various projects.

Janatharaman gave important projects only to those he trust the most.

He had his own employees looting the company’s funds.

But anyhow he had to manage the same people to run the projects.

His Accountant’s name was Masinathan, who was with him for many years.

Siddarth got posted to a road site which was near a place called Mudichur.

Siddarth used to go by local bus and access the site and work from there.

In the initial days, he was not given any help, but later he got Senior Engineers posted in his same site.

The First Engineer who came to assist Siddarth was Moganathan.

Moganathan was a well-experienced engineer who has done a lot of road construction projects.

Siddarth enjoyed the experience of work with Moganathan daily.

It was a great learning experience for him.

Moganathan also taught Siddarth all the concepts he knew.

But Moganathan’s inner conscience always had hatred over the growth of Siddarth.

So, he shouted at Siddarth over his mistakes. Moganathan did not want his name to be spoilt whenever there occurs a mistake on his site.

Siddarth somehow balanced between the ups and downs in the work life.

He was also given the responsibility of labour management and cash handling responsibility.

Hence it was always a hectic schedule for Siddarth and he worked hard to complete the tasks.


Chapter 2: Jealousy

On a certain day, a process started at the site, by which they had to dispose of the soil excavated at the site.

The local people were ready to buy the soil for Rs.1000 per load.

Siddarth was the responsibility for the selling process.

Siddarth and Moganathan discussed and finalized the rate for Rs.1000 per load.

They sold the soil of 30 loads in 3 days.

They collected Rs.30, 000/- out of it.

Siddarth asked,” Sir, when will we hand over this money to our Proprietor?”

Moganathan thought for a while. Moganathan did not want Siddarth to take a credit from the Owner.

Hence he said,”Siddarth! you worked hard on the money man!”
Siddarth said, “Yes sir”

Moganathan said, “So, don’t give the whole amount”

Moganathan added, “you submit only Rs.15000/-and say that base rate sold was Rs.500”

Siddarth said,” Sir, what about the balance Rs.15, 000/-“

Moganathan said, “It is your money man! Take it”

Siddarth said,” Sir, I don’t think it is right to do like that”

Moganathan asked,” Oh you are an honest guy, I like that, ok submit the actual money”

Siddarth said,” Ok sir”

Siddarth left the site on that evening.

But Moganathan’s mind got occupied with Jealousy towards Siddarth’s attitude.


Chapter 3: The Gift from Boss

The next month, in the week beginning, Siddarth received a gift from Janatharaman. It was a mobile phone.

Janatharaman said,” You are a good performer, and I would like to gift you this Cell phone”

Siddarth said, “Thank you, sir”

Janatharaman said,” This would also be useful for you for communicating to other engineers”

Siddarth said, “Yes sir, this is a valuable gift”

The next day when Moganathan came to the site, his face was dull with disappointment. His inner hatred towards the growth of Siddarth was increasing day by day.

They were talking all the day, but Moganathan was not concentrating on the talk.

Moganathan after reaching his home, he took his phone and called one of his old friends Balaji.

Balaji answered the call,” Hello! Moga…How are you?”

Moganathan said, “Man, I am not fine?”

Balaji said, “Why, what is the problem?”

Moganathan said,” I have a youngster in my site, who gets good name from the proprietor daily”

Balaji said,”Oh! Is that so? His growth is disturbing you…Right?”

Moganathan said, “Yes man…the Owner had presented a cell phone to him yesterday”

Balaji said,” Oh now what is my role?”

Moganathan said,” Do something to get this guy out of the company man”

Balaji asked, “What are the tomorrow’s site activities?”

Moganathan said, “We are doing earthwork excavation”

Balaji said,” ok I will send Somu as the assistant to the Lorry driver…keep him at site tomorrow”

Moganathan said,” ok …Thank you, man”


Chapter 4: The Plot of Unethical Minds

The Next day it was a normal day throughout with Siddarth and

Moganathan completing all their tasks at their end.

Evening they were having an accounts closure process at their site office. Siddarth gave the labour payments for all the people.

Somu entered the office room and said, “Sir Somebody is calling you at the culvert location”

Siddarth left the table and ran out.

On the table, he left his cell phone by mistake.

Somu took the cell phone immediately and switched it off and kept it in his pockets.

Moganathan was seeing this and did not utter a word against it.

Siddarth went to the culvert location and attended to the issues and came back.

By that time Somu and many other labourers left.

Then only, Siddarth realized that he was not having his cell phone in his pockets.

Siddarth asked Moganathan, “Sir, did you see my cell phone?”
Moganathan said, “What? No Man”

Siddarth searched for it everywhere but found it nowhere.

He asked each person around there, but nobody had given him a clue.

Siddarth got Moganathan’s phone and called Janatharaman

Janatharaman answered, “Hello”

Siddarth said.”Sir, this is Siddarth”

Janatharaman said, “Yes my dear siddarth  …how are you?”

Siddarth said,” Sir, I have lost my cell phone which you gifted”

Janatharaman astonished, “What? How did this happen”

Siddarth said,” Sir, It happened at the site office”

Janatharaman got angry, “You should have been careful”

Siddarth said, “Sir, I have no words to explain”

Janatharaman cut the phone without informing.

Siddarth got tears through his eyes.

Moganathan saw the scene and tried to convince siddarth

Moganathan said, “Take it easy man…you can buy a new phone”

Siddarth kept quiet and went home.

That was the last day of siddarth as an employee at that company. He never returned there afterward.

Everybody was searching for him, but no replies.

Siddarth’s mind told not to go back there, as it was a place of unethical minds.

Chapter 5: A Chat with a Co-Passenger

Later Siddarth started his own business with a small capital.

One day he was going to Coimbatore on an official trip for the development of his business.

He went by train which had Air conditioned Seated type coaches.

He had a co-passenger with him who started a chat.

The co-passenger said, “Hello”

Siddarth said, “Hello…nice to meet you”

The co-passenger asked, “Your name sir?”

Siddarth said, “My name is Siddarth…and yours?”

The Co-Passenger said, “My Name is Sharath”

Siddarth said,”Oh Sharath…nice to meet you”

Sharath said,” Your face seems to have a lot of disappointments “

Siddarth said,” Yes…you are a genius sir”

Sharath said, “Sir, it is just an eye judgement…what happened…why you are dull?”

Siddarth said,”Hmm…What to say…it is just a silly issue”

Sharath said,” Oh…please share it…let me see whether I can do something about it”

Siddarth said, “No sir, you can’t because it is all over now”

Sharath said,” at least let me know sir…your burden may become less”

Siddarth said,” Yes, I will tell you…I lost my cell phone…that is the issue”

Sharath asked,”Oh…is that so…when?”

Siddarth said, “It was before a month, and it was a gift from my boss of ex-company”

Sharath said,”Oh! You lost a gift given by your boss…then how did you handle the situation?”

Siddarth said,” I came out of the company…I never went back”

Sharath said,”Oh…It is a mistake man…you should have sustained there”

Siddarth answered,” I don’t think that there are good people around there”

Sharath said,”Oh..! But it is a big decision man…do you have a job right now?”
Siddarth said, “No…I am doing my own business”

Sharath said,”Oh…Ok anyway I am a stranger to you…but all the best for your new venture”

Siddarth said, “thank you, sir”

The train stopped at Coimbatore and both of them separated their ways.

After coming out of the station, sharath took out his mobile phone and called a number.

The call got answered by Balaji.

Balaji asked, “What Sharath, what is the guy telling?”

Sharath said, “Sir, the guy has started some new business, and he will not come into the company again”

Balaji said,”Oh that is great news”

Sharath said,” And he doesn’t have any clue on who took the cell phone”

Balaji said,”Oh that is fine…he is an amateur”

Sharath said, “Any other information do you need to know?”

Balaji said,” No Nothing more”

Sharath said,”Ok! Bye”