The house turns upside down when one sister pulls the hair of another or brothers smack each other. It’s even worse when our parents fight for petty as well as gigantic issues. Wars between countries lead to immense misery and anguish. Think of what mass devastation would take place when gods battle each other in order to attest that they are more powerful than the other.

“I am mighty powerful. I am the preserver. I guard every little being on our holy planet. There would only be sorrow and hardships in the absence of my existence” spoke Lord Vishnu in a proud tone.

“Don’t forget that I am the creator Vishnu. Had I not created the universe, you wouldn’t have had anything to protect” said Lord Brahma in a conceited tenor.

“More people worship me. More people believe in me. Their devotion for me is exemplary. I take avatars to shield the world whenever it is threatened with malevolence, chaos and vicious forces” replied Lord Vishnu in a superior pitch.

“I have created knowledge and the universe. I don’t see any point in you winning this argument” answered Lord Brahma smirking.

The fight seemed to go out of hand and would prove to be damaging, hence other gods went to Lord Shiva and asked him to intervene and bring an end to the futile dispute. Lord Shiva promised all other gods to handle the state of affairs and take care of it. He told them not to fret and stay in peace.

While the two deities were quarrelling with each other and exchanging heated glances, all of a sudden a colossal pillar erupted between them. The pillar was so extensive that neither Lord Vishnu nor Lord Brahma could make out the commencement or conclusion of it. Their fight was forgotten and the two collectively set out on a mission. Lord Brahma embarked to find out the starting of the soaring pillar and hence took the avatar of a swan. Lord Vishnu departed to find out the end and took the avatar of a boar.

Lord Brahma flew higher and higher but still couldn’t get any success. His mind was darting with distasteful thoughts that what would happen if Lord Vishnu reached the finish and returned before him. Lord Vishnu would make fun of him and tell him that he is so much better than him. Lord Brahma soared higher with greater verve and spotted a Ketaki flower on the pillar. He asked the striking flower as to what it was doing all isolated on the pillar. The blossom responded saying that it had been offered for prayer to this pillar years back and since then it has been blowing down but the pillar never seems to come to an end. Lord Brahma pleaded Ketaki to lie to Lord Vishnu that he reached the top and join him in this woven story. He looked at the flower very desperately and Ketaki gave in to his appeal. Lord Brahma carried the flower in his beak and flew to Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu, who was still digging swiftly and was pretty worn-out by now, looked at Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma told him with a pompous expression that he had reached the top before Lord Vishnu could dig to the bottom and hence he had proved his supremacy. Lord Vishnu was reluctant to accept this. Then came a crackling noise and the pillar diverged into two parts. Out of that, stepped the three eyed god, Lord Shiva. The pillar was a linga which was a form of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva reminded them that each one of them had a purpose that was to create, preserve and destruct.

Lord Shiva was furious to witness such a disgraceful deed done by Lord Brahma and Ketaki. They both were terrified and felt reprehensible.

They apologized for their act. But Lord Shiva wasn’t done yet. He cursed Lord Brahma. He told him in a raging tone that Lord Brahma would never be worshipped like the rest of the other two gods and that Ketaki would never be offered for prayer from then on.

Lord Shiva from then on, is prayed in the form of a linga, which is regarded as his pictogram the form in which he first appeared to stop the brawl between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Lord Brahma does not enjoy popular worship in present day Hinduism and very few temples in India are dedicated to his existence.

This tale not only tells us that lying is an awful routine, but also teaches us that nothing great comes from it. No matter how much you lie, and make yourself stand finer in front of others, the seeds that you sow, will one day or the other reap and the weeds would be enough to obliterate the wholesome crop that could have grown from it.