This story describes the relationship between Giridhar and his grandfather. Grandfather wants to increase Giridhar’s belief in god. So he would do a secret task at the end which will bring a smile in your face.  


Giridhar also known as Golu is playing with his cousins in the home.

Giridhar’s mom: Giri, come let us move to the temple now.

Giridhar a.k.a Golu: ma, please ask grandpa to come with us.

Mother: Golu, he needs rest. Please don’t disturb him.

But Giridhar’s grandfather heard the conversation between Giri and His mom. So he said Golu, I’ll also come with you. Let us move now. But Golu’s mom was not happy with this decision.

Mother: papa ji, you have knee pain. Please take rest, I’ll convince Golu.

Golu’s grandfather: no. Today is a special day. It’s my grandson’s 6th birthday. I should not miss darshan today in the temple. I have to pray for my grandson.

Golu: dad ji, what is that special prayer?

Grandfather: Golu, I have written my needs in this piece of paper. If I submit this paper in the temple, god will fulfill my needs.

Golu: dada ji, what are your needs?

Grandfather: Golu, I want my grandson to score top marks in the examination and I wish he should obey the orders of his parents and elders. I want my grandson (Golu) to live happily for the rest of his life.

Golu: dada ji, whether god will fulfill all your needs?

Grandfather: if your needs are true and if it is very much important for your life then it will be fulfilled. God will give you more strength and will help you to reach your dreams.

Golu: dad ji, if it is true, then I will also write my needs in a paper.

Grandfather: sure Golu, just go ahead.

Golu wrote about his needs in a piece of paper.

Giridhar (Golu) along with his mother and grandfather went to the temple.

When they were returning Golu’s grandfather want to know what his grandson has written in the paper. So due to curiosity he took the piece of paper and started to read.

In the paper, he has written about his grandfather’s health condition. He scribbled as: “Dear god, my grandpa is not well. He has knee pain. Please make him well”.

After reading this Golu’s Grandfather was emotional.

After a week

Golu asked his grandfather about his knee pain.

Golu: dada Ji how is your knee pain now?

Grandfather: I am perfectly ok Golu.  I don’t know the reason but I didn’t feel pain in my knee after we have visited the temple last week.

Golu: yes dadji, I know the reason.

Grandfather: is it? What is that reason?

Golu: dada ji, I prayed for your health in the temple. So you didn’t get knee pain.

Grandfather: you are so sweet Golu. Thank you so much.

In the Evening

Golu: Golu returned from the school and he was extremely happy.

On seeing him his grandfather also felt happy and want to know the reason.

Grandfather: Golu, what happened? You are looking so happy

Golu: yes dada Ji, see my report card

Grandfather: he saw the marks of Golu. He has improved from the previous examination results.

Grandfather: Golu, keep it up. If you study well then you will definitely get 1st rank in your class.

Golu: yes dada ji, I will study more from today. I know god will help me.

Golu’s grandfather was happy as his grandson started to believe in god in this young age and has begun to score good marks in the exams.

Golu’s holidays has been started. Today Golu’s father is going to sign a new business project. So Golu’s family has decided to visit the temple.

When they were returning home Golu’s grandfather asked him, what he has written in the paper.

Golu: Grandpa, I wrote that we all need a big house near to the temple. So his grandfather was surprised.

Grandfather: Golu, why did you write like this?

Golu: dada ji, if we have a big house then my cousins can also live with me.

Grandfather: he also started to pray that they should get enough money in the business.

Within a year there has been a significant progress in their business. Golu’s father is managing their family business and he has gained more profits that year. So they bought a new house and that too near the temple.

Grandfather: Golu, I think your second prayer also fulfilled.

Golu: yes dada ji. I am so happy now and I will go to the temple frequently.

Grandfather: he was proud about his grandson. After couple of years, Golu started to study well and he is the top scorer in the class. But his grandfather has reached the age of 80 and so he cannot able to visit the temple regularly though it is near to their home now.

Golu and his family visited the temple. Golu’s grandfather could not able to go.

Golu: he has mentioned in a paper that, his grandpa is unable to come with him to the temple now. He needs a Krishna statue just like in the temple for their family. So his grandfather can pray in the home itself. Golu has also mentioned that he needs the Krishna’s statue only from Mathura. He then submitted that paper in the temple.

After a month, Golu has received a parcel. When he opened the parcel he was surprised to see Krishna’s statue. So he took that statue and rushed to his grandfather.

Golu: dada ji, see I got Krishnaji’s statue.

Grandfather: let me see who has sent this. He found that his second son has sent the parcel from Mathura.

Golu: dada ji, I mentioned that I need a Krishnaji’s statue from Mathura and I got it now.

So his grandfather smiled at him. Golu said about his prayers to everyone in the home. So his mom and dad have decided to ask Golu’s grandfather about his prayers.

Golu’s mom and dad: what Golu is saying? Is it a miracle? How he got the Krishnaji’s statue from Mathura.

Grandfather: due to god’s grace we got everything. My knee pain got cured and our family business developed well. So we bought a new house.

Golu’s grandfather: the temple’s Priest is my old friend. When Golu has submitted his paper in the temple, I have contacted the temple priest through phone and requested him to help me. I requested him to read the prayer written by Golu after he left the paper in the temple. The priest said about the needs of Golu through phone.

So I have asked Punit (second son) who is in Mathura to send the Krishnaji’s statue.

Golu’s mom and dad: oh my god, why you have asked Punit. We can also buy it from here.

Grandfather: yes, I know that. But I saw positive changes in Golu’s behavior after he started visiting the temple from his 6th birthday onwards. He scored well in exams and started worshipping god every day. So I just want to increase his belief in god.

Golu’s mom and dad: both were surprised and said so this is your secret task?

Golu’s grandfather: no, this is a secret task devised by god, performed by me and Punit.