Guru is an artist  and he draw celebrity picture . He can read others mind voice. This power  sometimes make him feel worse. Sometimes help him to find solutions to some problem. Now we saw one of incident in his life [ this is fully fictional story , never mentioned anyone in real life] .

Once one of celebrity invite Guru to her house to draw her . So Guru get ready and going to airport. So many people travel with him in same plane. After the plane take offs everyone mind voice is overflow. Guru read all of their mind voice. 

Guru can read read all people mind voice except babies. He can read male and female , youngers and elders. Some mind voice coming with joy some voice coming with fear some voice coming with sadness. But one mind voice are come with anger. Guru carefully read that mind voice.

In that mind voice , some one trying make plan  to murder innocent kid. Guru suddenly shocked and standup see all the people. Everyone strangely looking Guru. It’s really make worse him so he sit down silently. He wants to find out that guy but here lots of people  traveling in plane.

Guru focus to all men’s outside voice and inside voice. But he can’t identity that exact person so stand up again others looks hims strangely again. Guru speak loudly to all of them what he read out mind voice before. After he says everyone laughing and they think Guru has mental issue. 

Guru haven’t choice to hide his powers now so he demonstrate his power with random 3 people. Finally everyone trust his power and saw one by one to thinking who’s voice that. Every men cooperate to him and stand in line and speak to him. Suddenly 3 men are leaving silently.

But people noticed them and captured them. They are really panic to speak to Guru and others. People forcing them to speak with Guru. One of the men in them are tell their boss lady and her plan to kill random women and her daughter. But lady boss denied his words and she says , she never see them in her life before. 

But one of the men in three of them show photos of their group photos and record plan. Then people took her and stand with them. Guru literally safe the woman and her daughter’s life. Everyone appreciate to Guru who traveling in the plance. But he’s not satisfied because three of them voice fully different from the mind voice he listened before.

Guru sold the truth that three of them voices are not matching and again people see face one by others. Suddenly one men came from toilet in the middle of the problem.  Guru told what happened before and tell him to speak. That men was laughed and he give some script note to Guru. 

Guru finally understand that that men just read script dialogue in his mind voice and accidentally Guru read out that . Guru say sorry to him and other. Everyone laughing again and sit their seats. After landing the plane in airport random women file the cases to lady boss and three men . Anyway Guru’s wrong calculation saved two women’s life. 


  1. 1060_Nishita Biesen

    The story Who’s Voice has a very mundane and not very easily comprehensible plot for either adults or kids.

    -[ This is fully fictional story , never mentioned anyone in real life]
    This is supposed to be mentioned before the start of the story and not between the lines, it breaks the flow of reading and as a reader, it is a very annoying thing to come through and can sway the reader from the story plot.

    There are major grammatical and spelling mistakes in the sentences which are needed to be checked and rephrased in a coherent manner.

    The writer seems passionate about writing but lacks the necessary skill for it which is a good hold of the language and understanding what the targeted audience wants. The tags mentioned in the story are misleading. Not all of them but tags like mythology were unnecessary in my opinion.

    It could have been easily a good story for the kids if written in a well-organized manner but it seems the writer did not go through to the story once written and even if they did then I highly suggest the writer use any grammar checker like Grammarly, inc to avoid any such mistakes in the future for a better and improved storyline.