SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT.  it’s a late 14th-century poem with potent writing. The author is anonymous, The title given to the poet is Gawain Poet or pearl poet. I wonder why Pearl? Why not Emerald, anyway it gives that envision the theatrical view. Then I craved further knowledge about the characters and the full story, I read the poem and I got lost in those words and eventually forget it exists. It’s an urban legend type of story. One Christmas evening, a green knight came to a kingdom challenging the court to cut off his head with his sword and one who did have to look for him a year after on the same Christmas evening bring the sword with them and allow the green knight to cut their head off. For a while, no one came forward. He laughs at the court and his pride was high in the sky. ”  I’ll do ” a voice echo back and forth on the court was belong to Gawain, a fragile young man who was searching for purpose in his life. Now the green knight gave Gawain a purpose. He did chop the head off of the green knight with a sword. The green knight went back to his place. The time starts to tick for Gawain’s flowing from the back of his head. People in the village cheered him as a hero. The months passed, and he have to contain himself and find the green knight place to give his head as a trade they agreed upon. As Gawain went on the journey. He faced obstacles and magical entities. Once he did drop anchor at the green knight place.  He gets down with a sword for the knight to cut off his head. Did he get his head? chopped? 


  1. Mekhla Paul

    A story? Or a review of an old mythological tale? It isn’t easy to decide with the way it is written. ‘Sir Gawain and The Green Knight,’ is a story with lots of potential, although, the author here has failed to bring out the actual crux of the story, hence making it quite easy to lose focus. Moreover, having the story end with an open end may be a very good decision when it comes to mythology, crime, or thriller genres, however, doing so here, has made the ending feel forced instead of more smooth and natural.