Its a true love story of a girl who had been in crush, that turns to break apart,then love, and finally…haha, the end is in the story.


Today, we had our dinner at a restaurant as we were celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. As we reached home, Krish got out of the car, came up to me and opened my door while I stepped out carefully without disturbing my angel Sri who was sleeping so cute in my arms. She is the meaning of my life with Krish. We are still cherishing the happiness of holding her for the first time in our arms before 7 months and this is how he cares for me all these months. I smiled at him while he locked the door and we made our way into the home. I sat on the couch while he took Sri from my arms and walked to our bedroom. I saw the happiness glowing in his eyes while he was seeing his baby girl sleep in his arms. It all seemed like a dream to me that now I am married to the love of my life.

It was when I was just five years old. I had been to my uncle’s house warming ceremony where all our cousins met for the first time and became friends. I was the youngest in the group and so I was rejected for most of the game. Everyone had some crystal like thing, each gleaming in different colors and they were all playing with it. But I had none, and I asked for it to my brother who refused to share it with me. They all left and I was crying alone. Suddenly, there came up a boy, with one such crystal. I knew that he was our relative but nothing else about him. He handed that crystal to me, wiped my tears off and said,” come. Join the game.” I wondered his attitude and felt extremely cheerful as my own brother refused to give that to me and this unknown boy gave his plaything to me. That’s the first time, Krish spoke to me and we became good friends. He entertained me with new stories. I had never seen such a character until then in my life and I really started liking him. After the occasion, while we were about to leave, I saw him one last time with the crystal still in my hand.

Few years passed, I grew and I was ten. But I still remembered that one friend who gave me his plaything in our very first meet.

Someday, I heard someone talking about him in my family that he had completed all the 8 examinations in Hindi just when he was 15 years. I wondered at his talents (haha, yes of course I felt hindi was tough) and I still liked him more. I kept dreaming of seeing him again in my life. For no reason, I just liked him. Some other day, my granny spoke to me about his higher secondary course completion with 92% and she advised me to do well in studies just like him. I engraved this thought in me that he would like me if I too scored well. Meanwhile, I was on my teens and I used to share with my friends that he was the love of my life. Yes, he stole my heart when I was just five-years-old. I used to exclaim to my friends about my Krish , the news about him I hear from my family. The words, ‘MY KRISH’ sounded great to me and he was all that I really knew. I completed my schooling as per my dream with a 95% and I was the happiest not just for my scores but with the thought that my Krish would be impressed.

Days passed and soon, I got the chance of meeting him after 12 years of dreaming while I had been to his home with my family. My eyes started seeking him all through the home and at last found him in his room. He is really grown up, so tall, so gigantic, the KRISH that I had never thought to be so like this, as I had always dreamt of the little ten-year-old crystal boy of mine.

Both of our family were talking while I looked at his iPod. It was the first time I was seeing an iPod and I was staring at it childishly while he handed it to me. As he saw me struggling to handle it, he just scrolled through the screens. He taught me to play the hill climb racing game by holding my hand in his. With that touch, I felt frozen. He was casual but the hormones were rolling at a pace of 150Miles per hour inside my body. I couldn’t handle this anymore so I gave an excuse that I disliked games and left the room.

I got his facebook id before we left his home and we became friends on facebook  and started chatting. I felt extremely happy for I could talk to my loved one daily. He joined a job and I was about to start my college while we were getting closer on fb. We forgot days and nights in our chats and started knowing each other well. But as he was getting busy at work, he reduced his chats. I felt that he was losing interest in me and soon we lost contacts. I did not want to disturb him yet I missed him so much.

Suddenly, I heard his mom talking to my mom about his marriage. The astrologists had suggested that it was duly good to arrange his marriage in an year and hence his parents were seeking a bride for him.

I felt broken because I had two more years of my education left and so I was sure that I would not be his bride. I felt like the earth before me breaking apart. I LOST THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. I decided to change my mind from him as he was not MINE anymore.

In an year, his marriage was not arranged, instead he got his offer for doing his Post Graduation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A and soon he left. I was happy that his marriage was postponed yet I felt bad that he was leaving too far from me. He did not utter any word to me about his leaving the country and I already knew  this will happen since I thought he wasnt interested in me. Years passed, and I got busy with my own job and totally forgot about this love life of me. I had a little ego in my mind that he never tried to contact me and that ego overtook the love inside me.

That day, I reached home from office when my mom fiercely pushed me into the room and spoke to me about my marriage. I wasn’t interested in marriage after losing him and I didn’t respond while my mom dressed me up in a traditional saree and handed me a tray of coffee. She ordered me to hand it to the groom’s family who had come to see me. I felt broken thinking of MY KRISH and I couldnt move further. My mom made me walk while I handed the coffee to uncle, aunt and then I lifted my head to see the guy. It was KRISH.. MY KRISH.. he had turned even more gorgeous and handsome as he had been in U.S for some years. I did not understand what had happened but the thought of seeing my Krish as my groom made my heart flutter. Soon our marriage was arranged and the day came.

Yes, it was the day of our marriage and until then I had not spoken with Krish since that day, as I still had my ego. Yet, I cherished every ritual of our marriage.

It was a complete traditional Brahmin marriage full of meaningful customs and rituals. We joined our hands at last. It took some days for us to get closer after marriage by clearing off all our ego problems. I shared him all the stories of my love from that ‘crystal-day’.

We enjoyed our marriage life and as a symbol of our love, SRI, our pretty daughter was born and today we are celebrating the second anniversary of our marriage. But I smiled with the fact that I was on the 18th anniversary of my LOVE STORY with my crystal boy. I went to the bedroom and hugged Krish as he was standing there after placing Sri in our bed. He hugged me back, placed my head on his chest and uttered “I LOVE YOU.”