Running back some few years, when I was around 11 years old, I was just another little girl in the family. Though grown up so orthodox in nature, I was not fully developed in my faith towards GOD. Like other kids around, for me, and GOD was someone powerful, prayer brings him to us. That was all my great opinion on this subject.

It was a different experience when I reached Sri Vaitheeswaran temple near Tanjore, Tamil nadu, with my family. After a span of around 10 years, we were heading to that temple, Shiva being main God there. I said my dad about the positions of various shrines and the location of the holy pond of that temple. I really wondered how I remembered so much about that temple which was exactly correct in detail. I had went there previously only when I was just an year old. I felt it really deep moving inside me and realised that there is really something that united me with this temple. All the time, I was thinking so much about my memory issue on this temple, experienced deep spiritual feel on worshipping every shrine. I was talking to Shiva, the so-called God, about why all these things were happening.

Meanwhile, they told me that the God, Sri Vaitheeswaran is the most powerful one in curing all health issues. I thought to myself if Gods were so specific in their powers. They tied up some red colored string on my wrist and said that it would protect me from my illness.

Days passed on and my thoughts about this relation with God faded from my mind. I was busy in enjoying my school life with friends and fun. Some day, I fell sick. It took some days for me to recover. My mom replaced the string in my hand with a new one. I thought about my experience at the temple again. I started observing the string in my hand and realized the fact that it changed its appearance, say its level of freshness depending upon my health. Some day, when the string looked up too weakened I became seriously affected with infection. Again it took a big leap to cure me while I started believing in the reality of the string in my wrist as well as the unmatched powers of Shiva who was driving me through all these. I started praying to Shiva when I felt that he would be my savior. I was astonished when I had an intuition that my life would end up when the string falls off from my wrist on its own. I took  more care and observed the string carefully in whatever work I engaged myself.

Years passed soon and I was on my teens when I had another intuition that I should be on the temple again to save myself. Nobody believed my intuition and I was not taken to the temple. There occurred the accidental miracle of my life where I met with an accident within a week after my intuition. I was more scared when I found that the string was lost at the site of accident. I was hospitalized and my parents felt bad for not believing my intuition else of which I would not have met with an accident. Everyone’s prayers saved my life and I went to Sri Vaitheeswaran as soon as I was discharged. I got a new band on my wrist from the feet of Shiva at the temple.  This time my trust was on its peak and I believed the ultimate powers of Shiva. Thus, my faith on Shiva saved me from death and it was him who made all the plays to make me trust his powers.

All the plays in our life is driven by GOD and there is really nothing that could change his plans of our life other than our own prayers.