Tamilspace 365″ is a story of the adventures of the team of Captain Vasudev and his spaceship.

Chapter VI: The Kutraki Mountains


Therugu took Captain Vasudev and team to Korba.

Therugu said, “Captain Korba, we have caught these aliens”


Korba said, “Good job Therugu!”

Korba called Vischeta through the communication transmitter.


Vischeta answered the call, “Hello! Korba”

Korba said, “We have the aliens under our custody”


Vischeta said,” You are a magnificent leader”

Korba said, “Thank you”


Vischeta said, “Put them inside the caves of Kutraki Mountains”

Korba said,”Kutraki Mountains? It is very cold there now”


Vischeta said, “It is my order”

Korba said,”Ok sir, I will do it”


Korba turned towards Captain Vasudev and said, “You are going to Kutraki Mountains”

Korba said to Therugu,”Therugu, take them to the caves of Kutraki mountains”


Therugu said,”Ok sir”

Therugu and Multo got into the Vehicle which carried the cell of Captain Vasudev’s team.


The vehicle started moving.

The vehicle came out of Vamsada and it travelled on a road which was next to Vamsada Station.


Captain Vasudev observed the road outside.

He said to Sharath,”Look at the roads”


Sharath said, “Yes sir, it looks different and seems very strong”

Captain Vasudev said, “They have all sorts of advanced technologies”


Sharath said, “Yes sir”

Different kind of birds and species were roaming in that planet.


The vehicle travelled 3 hours in that vehicle to reach the bottom of Kutraki Mountains.

Chapter VII: The Isolated Jail

The vehicle stopped before the caves of Kutraki Mountains.

There were some Parparatis soldiers standing before the cave.

They came near the vehicle as Therugu gave them a sign.

The cell in the vehicle got opened.

Captain Vasudev and team got down.

Therugu associated with the soldiers and took them inside the caves.

The caves were very cold as expected.


Swetha got body shivering in that coldness.

They reached a Jail room.


It got constructed to keep their captives.

The room was empty.


Therugu opened the door of the Jail room.

Captain Vasudev’s team went into the Jail room.


Therugu locked the cell.

Therugu said, “You people will starve here to your death”


Captain Vasudev looked at Therugu.

Therugu Laughed,”Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Therugu and his team went away.


The soldiers came and stood in front of the caves for guarding purpose.

Captain Vasudev and his team got isolated in that cave jail.


Sharath and Swetha turned their heads down.

Standbot was moving here and there inside the room.


Captain Vasudev sat in a corner of the room and closed his eyes.

The day turned to night after few hours.


During midnight Vasudev woke up and saw his team.

Sharath and Swetha were sleeping.


Standbot went to idle mode.

Captain Vasudev patted on Sharath’s shoulders.


Sharath woke up and saw.

Captain Vasudev said,”Oh! Sharath, this is not our end”


Sharath said, “Master, How are you going to get us out of here?”

Captain Vasudev said, “I do have a good plan”

20170131_213358 (1)

Sharath said, “Tell me, master”

Swetha also woke up on hearing their conversation.


The Soldiers were standing at the mouth of the caves, as the jail got locked.

Captain Vasudev said, “I will tell u my plans, please listen in a silent manner”


Sharath said,”Ok sir”

Standbot got out of its idle mode.
(To be continued)