The story is fictional on the backdrop of  British Period in India as well as it is a motivational story.


It is a story of a princess her name is Rooplekha who was bound to follow the conservative frame of a girl but she slowly turned it upside down. She also broke the barrier of caste & creed and status and fell in love with the farmer’s son Vijendra who always supported  her  irrespective of  difficulty of situation. She not only showed  her grit when her state was in trouble but she also resolved many  problems which appeared to be giant ones. She never lost her faith even in her subconscious state , she was always searching for her way.

She not only went against the tide but she also made a bridge so that others did not have to face same difficulties as she had to face. Her state was drenched  in the victory despite she managed   not to be driven away by the prevailing wave and she was always aware of her emotion.Even she was a brave and an independent women, she had  the quark of love in her heart and thus knew to cherish each moment with her love of life.


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Holding a lantern she was standing in front of gigantic waves rolling over the ocean.

Waiting for the arrival of someone who might be the savior of her life  and her heart

She saw the shining full moon and its shimmering light that affirmed the anticipation of stormy night

Suddenly she saw a bunch of black clouds engulfed the whole sky indicating it was going to be a tough night

Going to be something wrong she got an intuition, she turned behind and run to the palace

Holding her breath, she reached in her room and peeped of the window to know

was she right or wrong

That bunch of  cloud was becoming denser as if to test the courage of  Princess and to show the mighty of nature

To prove her mettle she came to the balcony, breezes took  the form of the cyclone, soothing light replaced by the stark darkness as if they were agitated and wanted to inflict everyone to his /her deeds

Amid thundering and strong lighting, a shadow of a human became visible

having a penetrating gaze who was on the floating ravaged ship was followed by several ships

As she got the glance of him, it enticed her and she got overwhelmed.

her long wait was going to end and the dark cloud was scattered in the sky

Yes, it was a blue moon

And the glaze of that shine was found in her glittering eyes.


Yes, he was her life who had to go to the far land  to find his worth and to find where he belongs.

Finally,  time came when he came. And that moment was priceless.

Since childhood,  they were best friends the princess and the son of  a farmer whose name was Vijendra.As princess Rooplekha loved  nature and  thus  loved  gardening.

So, she always went to that farmer , Mangat to solve her queries related to flowers’  care. As he also used to deliver flowers to the palace.So, she came to know about him.

Mangat  was a farmer but he also used to plant flowers  so that  he could able to feed his family satisfactorily.And his flowers was liked by royal family but especially Rooplekha  loved the flower..

And out of curiosity, she persuaded her mother to go to her bloom field. So, she went and she loved it so much that she used to go there daily .

While she was searching for Mangat, she saw a boy who was desperately trying to plant a flowers  which was smashed by animals.

She had never seen such care and affection for a plant. She asked him why he was so eager to save those plants. You couldn’t save those  plant those were useless .Please throws plant and replace with new ones.

First, he didn’t answer but as she spoke again & again. He told her that those were like my siblings and how I can throw those if I had found some sparks of life in them, he continued and said if  it is not possible  to create life and then we must  try to conserve it as far as it is under one’s control.

Those words were bombarded  in her mind and after returning  palace she couldn’t forget his words and his  passion for life.

It was approximately 100-150 years before independence. She saw many brutal  assassination.

as well as  rupture of  their innocent soul.

But her state  was under the control of  British rule. She was grown in different environment i.e. fearless environment . As a girl she had an emotional quotient in her besides it she was also gifted with a logical quotient in her.

She always wanted to un -earthen  the real reasons behind any incidents or any accidents.

As years passed away .The whole scenario  of state was changed. Her father’s powers as a king was transferred to the Britishers and  he became just as a puppet of them.

But she never remained quiet and she learned all the nuances of a warrior as she learned it from her friends.

And her friends were the farmer’s son Vijendra , King’s minister daughter Shreya her best friend and there were others also who had a rebellious attitude  towards Britishers’ government and got fed up with government’s  inhuman torture and illogical & biased ruling.

They made an organization.

Neither her father  nor her mother knew about her fighting spirit and so, they decided to marry her with neighbour king’s son Raghav Singh.

She had to accept the proposal but at the same time,  she also decided to get out of this trouble.

Not only she dedicated her life for the struggle but she also loved Vijendra who was always with her in each and every move against Britishers.

In between an unfortunate incident happened. His father died .And Britishers always wanted  to capture her kingdom and this was the best time to take the benefit of this golden opportuniy.

So ,she was informed by her spies that the British was coming to invade her state .And as she was the only child of her father. She decided to get on the war –field. She also decided to take help of her fiancée but he denied as he and her father didn’t want to go against British government.

And her friend Vijendra was out of the state to strengthen organization by creative awareness about that organization. And today he was about to come.


And finally he came and  he narrated about his journey that he had  to face corps which were guarding water border but finally his soldiers defeated them.

Hearing this,  she took relief  but he said that he was informed that British army were coming with more soldiers to capture her state.

She said yes I know.

Next morning , they were preparing for the fight. Soldiers came to know  that they were led by the princess.

And so they started whispering among themselves but she cleared  their suspicion by saying that she had  been trained to fight since childhood  and she also showed her mettle before her soldiers by giving a tough competition to her kingdom’s most brave soldier as well as commander of her arm,  his name was Tej Pratap Singh.

So, she gained the belief of her army and they got inspired to see the bravery of her Princess.

Then, she stared to plan and  it was darkening and thus it was time to execute.

As sun set she was standing in the balcony and she saw a large army heading to her palace and  then heard the roaring  and as she turned she saw  there were many ships those were full of armed soldiers.

She was ready to fight with her army. As their ships came closer , it started raining of bullets ,many armies of her state  were killed by this  sudden attack.

Suddenly , Vijendra was heading  with a great number of army .

Seeing him, she got some relief. And she also entered in war field by galloping with blistering thunder.

They were fighting vehemently in the war and while fighting they were pushing the army towards the valley ,the enemy was looking despaired and shaken but suddenly a number of cavalary came from the landside to support British army.

It was a great planning of British government  to deceive princess .But her army and Vijendra didn’t stop even after that sudden attack and to see this princess also got a new  strength to fight. They fought bravely till the dusk and colour of rainbow scattered on the sky in the same way ,as the land was drenched with  the red colour of blood.

She found herself in Jungle and it was darkening ,sun was about to set .

Suddenly she was attacked by vultures and to escape from  them she jumped into the sea and tide was pulling her in its way to the great water fall .But in between,  she managed to align herself  along the wave and jumped into the fall while waving her sword to the darkness.

To her surprise, she was successful in penetrating the darkness and she was exposed and thus entered into the world of blissful light, she found a new dimension in the same world  and this world was so bright that she had to close her eyes.

As she opened her eyes she found herself in the battlefield where she was fighting but she was fainted due to weakness.

She saw her flag was flaunting in the sky. Vijendra was rushing towards her  to inform that they won. Then they were riding to the palace.

Each and everybody was celebrating the victory and praising  bravery of her princess as well as of Vijendra.

She was holding the hand of Vijendra and they  both were staring at the moon.

Yes, It was a full moon and she knew that with her love as well as with her  brave people, she  opened the gate of  new dimension which she saw in her dream.

And it is time to live with that dimension.