Tamilspace 365″ is a story of the adventures of the team of Captain Vasudev and his spaceship.


Chapter IV: The Hijack

Spadeblade took off from its base and flew towards the sky.

Spadeblade aligned itself to the position of Tamilspace 365 and accelerated towards it.


Spadeblade stopped at a distance before the envelope of the space of zero memory.

Spadeblade’s design was such that, it indicates the envelope of the zero memory space.


Parparatis were clever in planning such kind of spaceships.

Multo initiated a switch, by which a door opened at the base of spadeblade.


A huge beam of light rays got flowing from Spadeblade towards Tamilspace 365.

The rays were capable of pulling Tamilspace 365 out of the space of zero memory.


Tamilspace 365 exited the space of zero memory and went into Spadeblade.

The shutters of the spadeblade closed.


Minds of the people in Spadeblade got shattered when they exited the space of Zero memory.

Memories got flowing into their mind, making them remember their past.


Captain Vasudev said,”Aah!, where are we?”

Standbot said, “Master, somebody took us into their control”


Captain Vasudev said, “How did it happen?”

Standbot said, “They are powerful than us”


Captain Vasudev asked, “Aren’t we able to move?”

Standbot said, “Yes sir, we are in their ship”


Captain Vasudev said, “Can’t we connect to Earth?”

Standbot said, “Master, do you remember that we are from Earth?”


Captain Vasudev said, “Yes, what is the problem”

Standbot said, “No, you had a memory loss”


Sharath gunasekaran said, “Who had a memory loss”

Standbot said, “You people underwent a phase of memory loss”


Everybody laughed together, “a! Ha! Ha!”

Swetha said, “You little silly bot”


Standbot said, “No, What I am saying is true”




Chapter V: The Arrest


At that time, the Parparatis opened the door of Tamilspace 365.

A team of Parparatis headed by Therugu entered the ship of Tamilspace 365.


Captain Vasudev realized the seriousness of the issue then only.

Standbot was moving here and there in a haphazard manner.


They surrounded Vasudev’s team.

Therugu said, “You people are under our control, don’t try to move or fight”


Vasudev’s team maintained silence and listened to Therugu.

Therugu said, “I am Therugu, the Commander of Spadeblade”


Therugu continued, “Now, all you people come with us”

They walked with the team of Therugu.


Therugu’s team took them to a cabin in the ship of Spadeblade.

It was looking like a cage which got used to store lions.


Captain Vasudev, Sharath, Swetha, and Standbot were all kept in that cell.

Therugu locked the cell.


Everybody got arrested.

Therugu went to his cabin.


Therugu called his commander Korba through their communication transmitter.

Korba answered the call, “Hello”


Therugu said, “Sir, we have got the aliens”

Korba said, “Well done, bring them to our station”


Therugu said, “We are on our way”

Korba said, “Great job, keep it up”


The call got disconnected.

Spadeblade moved towards the planet of Parparatis.


Spadeblade reached the base of Vamsada Station.

Therugu responded,”Spadeblade reached Vamsada! Spadeblade reached Vamsada!”


The doors of Spadeblade opened.

A Vehicle entered the Spadeblade ship.


The Vehicle came near the cell in which the team of Vasudev was there.

The Vehicle lifted the cell and it took a U-Turn.


Vasudev and team got stumbled on seeing this.

Vasudev said, “We have got into a big trouble”


Sharath said, “Yes sir”

Swetha said, “These people are looking like monsters”


Standbot said, “Our time is bad now”

The Vehicle moved out of Spadeblade and came out.


That was the first time they saw the Planet of Parparatis.

It was colourful everywhere.


The source of light for Planet Parparatis was coming from the nearest sun.

The light spread in the planet was in a light greenish colour.
(To be continued)