Tamilspace 365″ is a story of the adventures of the team of Captain Vasudev and his spaceship.


Chapter II: The Drive


Captain Vasudev said,”I don’t recognize anything”

Standbot said,”Please try Master”


Captain Vasudev asked,”Can You take control of this space ship?”

Standbot said,”Yes Master if you give me orders, I can do it”


Captain Vasudev said,”Then please do it, and try to drive it away from this path”

Standbot took over the control of the steering chamber.


Standbot applied the controls and operated the switches.

The ship started moving in a higher acceleration.


Captain Vasudev watched the movements done by Standbot in operating the ship.

Captain Vasudev asked,”Could you explain me something about this ship?”


Standbot said,”The Engines got located in the front end of our ship”

Captain Vasudev said,”Oh! Engines? What do they do?”


Standbot said,”They are the main driving units of this ship”

Captain Vasudev said,”Oh! I See”


Standbot said,”The Main engine and Manoeuvring engine got located on the rear side of the ship”

Captain Vasudev said,”mmm…Ok”


Standbot said,” The tanks got located before the Main engine of our ship”

Captain Vasudev asked,”What is the use of the tank?”


Standbot said,”a fuel composition of liquid hydrogen and super cold liquid oxygen is in the tank”

Captain Vasudev said,”Oh I see”


Standbot said,”We have arms and ammunition chamber”

Captain Vasudev asked,”what is the use of that?”


Standbot replied,”It contains weapons, which we will be using for our safety purposes”

Captain Vasudev said,”Oh, is it so?”


Standbot said,”Yes, we have various types of Laserguns and Laser swords”

Captain Vasudev asked,”Ok”


Standbot said,”I will explain you further when we land somewhere”

Captain Vasudev said,”Ok, No problem”


Tamilspace 365 continued moving in that unknown space.


Chapter III: The Planet of Parparatis


The nearest planet to the Tamilspace 365 at that time was Parparatis.

The Parparatis had all kind of advanced technology with them.


Parparatis sensed the movement of Tamilspace 365 nearer to their vicinity.

There were many settlements of Parparatis in that planet.


Every settlement had a unique leader for that zone of control.

The Zone which sensed the movement of Tamilspace 365 is “Molgamor”


The Leader of “Molgamor” was Mithrati.

Mithrati had 500 Parparati soldiers under him.


Vischeta was the immediate leader below Mithrati in Hierarchy.

Vishceta was sitting in their Space Research station which got known as Vamsada.


A telephonic transmitter was ringing before Vischeta.

Vischeta answered the call,”Hello!”


The Other end said,”Commander, we have intruders in the path of Zero Memory”

Vischeta said,”What? Korba, how did they intrude the path of Zero Memory?”


Korba said,”Sir, we don’t know, they might have fallen into the path without their senses”

Vischeta asked,”Then their way will lead to our planet”


Korba said,”Yes, they are trying to come towards us”

Vischeta asked,” Take them into our control”


Korba asked,”Can I use our Spadeblade ship to capture that ship?”

Vischeta said,”yes, do it immediately”


Korba said,”Ok sir, thank you”

Korba immediately ordered to his subordinate Therugu,”Take Spadeblade and capture that ship”


Therugu said,”As you say, commander”

Korba said,”Do it now”


Therugu ran towards the point where Spadeblade got stationed.

Spadeblade was their ship, by using which they captured other spaceships.


Therugu had his team of 10 members within the Spadeblade ship.

Multo was the captain of Spadeblade.


Therugu ordered,”Multo! Start the ship, we need to invade an alien ship”

Multo started the engine of Spadeblade.


 20170130_190239 Mithrati
 20170130_190259 Vischeta

(To be continued)