“Tamilspace 365” is a story of the adventures of the team of Captain Vasudev and his spaceship.

Chapter I: Lost in a space of Vanishing memory

An Introduction to the main characters involved in the story of Tamilspace 365 is as follows

 20170129_161349 Captain Vasudev
 20170129_161530 Sharath Gunasekaran
 20170129_161500 Swetha
 20170129_161550 Standbot


Tamilspace 365 – The Spaceship


Tamilspace 365 is a spaceship. The Ship was travelling in a time of a future.

Nobody could even estimate the year of the travel of Tamilspace 365.

It had lost connectivity from its creators.

Captain Vasudev was the leader of the ship. Sharath Gunasekaran and Swetha were the supporting travellers with him.

Standbot was their pet robot which did all kind of help to them for their tasks.
Their current problem was that they lost connectivity with their parent planet.


Vasudev ordered Sharath to take a deviation from their original path to avoid a meteor.


When Sharath did so, they entered a path of unknown space.

The ship was able to move down that path, but the ship lost its connectivity from its creators.
The unknown space was in such a condition that, the whole team in the “Tamilspace 365” lost their memories.
They became like fresh minds. Everybody was looking at each other, as of what to do.

Captain Vasudev also lost his past memories. They were all looking like puppets.
Everybody moved here and there, but nobody knew what to do next.

The Ship was moving very slow and the path was very clear.
Standbot ran here and there as of it did not have any instructions from anyone.

But, there were some recorded programs in standbot, which got used to recognize who is who.


Standbot went near Captain Vasudev and said, “Master, Master, give me orders”

Captain Vasudev said, “Who is your master?”


Standbot said, “You are my master”

Captain Vasudev said, “So what?”


Standbot said, “Give me orders”

Captain Vasudev asked, “Where am I?”


Standbot said, “You are in Tamilspace 365, the spaceship”

Captain Vasudev asked,”Tamilspace 365? I don’t know about it”


Stanbot said, “Master, you are the captain of this ship”

Captain Vasudev asked, “Am I?”


Standbot said “Yes master, you are”

Captain Vasudev pointed towards Sharath and asked, “Who is he?”


Standbot said, “He is your junior captain Sharath Gunasekaran”

Captain Vasudev asked, “Junior Captain? What will he do?”


Standbot said, “He will carry forward your orders”

Captain Vasudev asked, “My Orders, What do I need to order?”


Standbot said, “You will be giving him orders to drive our spaceship”

Everybody was listening to their conversation.

A fresh learning of themselves was happening there since each of them lost their memory.

Captain Vasudev pointed towards Swetha and asked, “Who is this?”


Standbot said, “She is Swetha, another junior captain”

Captain Vasudev asked,” why do they look different from each other?”


Standbot said, “He is a male, and she is a female”

Captain Vasudev asked,” Who are you?”


Standbot said,” I am Standbot, your servant”

Captain Vasudev said, “Why don’t I remember anything?”


Standbot said,” It is a happening”

Captain Vasudev asked, “Happening…? What do you mean by that?”


Standbot said, “We got lost in space, time, path and our connectivity from our creators”

Captain Vasudev asked, “How do you say?”


Standbot said, “I saw, I realized, I recognized”

Captain Vasudev asked, “Now, what should I do?”


Standbot said, “Recollect your memory”

Captain Vasudev said,”Hmmm…! What to do after that?”


Standbot said, “Lead the ship, and try to take it out of this mysterious path of unknown space”

Captain Vasudev said, “How?”


Standbot said, “You are a great Scientist, you can do it”

Captain Vasudev asked, “Can I?”


Standbot said, “Even they can do it, but everybody lost their mind now”

CaptainVasudev said,”Oh! My god”


(To be continued)