When god created man in ‘his own Image’, he’d thought he’s created the most beautiful creature in the world, capable of ‘ rule(ing) over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on earth”. Adam and Eve could have continued enjoying their 7 star life in heaven and saved the earth with the burden of “mankind” until poor chaps were tempted by the serpent to taste from the forbidden tree of knowledge and they as what the committed their ‘original sin’ as per the Christian biblical interpretations.

Sent to Earth as a punishment (a punishment, indeed) the fall of man brought with it the seven deadly sins, PRIDE being the major source of other sins. If we come to look of it, Pride is the father of sins and it’s worth noticing how being prudish calls for envy from others, makes of lusty(So as to keep the sanctity of your fake pride in tact), being greedy (cause you want to have it all), and sorrow and wrath if your pride isn’t being fed!

What was meant to be the most beautiful place started degrading with the advent of the introduction of so called technology and globalization and what not. NO doubt that mankind has made commendable advances but at the cost of what? Galloping of “human” from humanity?

Examples big and small start running in front of the eyes as soon as one starts contemplating of how pride has affected the lives of human beings and has just left as more of beings and less of humans.

Pride stops us from interacting from our neighbors living next door. “Why should we converse first? They will come on their own.” Pride has made us distant.

Pride stops us from helping those who are below us in social rank or hierarchy and need support. Like how often we hurt our domestic helps with sentences like “Eww! You’re just our house maid. Maintain some distance and sit on the ground. You clean so much, you must be so dirty”. Pride has made us degrade people and also made us less of a person. It’s not their dirt, they are the cleaners. The dirt is our, in fact.

Pride makes us trust less and alienate our self more. We’d rather tend to sit alone, with our heads down on technological advances like mobiles, rather than sharing our vacant seats of a busy coffee shop. It has made us oblivious.

Talking of news, not very old, about a woman driver who stopped and a man and snatched his car keys as he scrapped her car on the way to take her pregnant wife to the hospital, takes us how lower and lower we have degraded. The woman was an Audi driver and didn’t even listen to the police and shouted back at him instead. The video (which can still be found on the internet) shows the wailing pregnant lady miserable with her labour pain in the car while the other lady driver goes on fighting with the crowd, too proud to understand the urgency of the situation. Only after being threatened by the crowd, the lady throws away the keys instead of handing them over and leaves in her luxurious sedan without a glimpse of remorse or repent.

Pride has caused us to create a tiff with people over topics like the mere drop of a hat and more often than not, one sees more of arguments in cases which could have been solved with “Sorry-it’s okay”. Pride has caused us to be impatient. One often sees/overhears arguments in the metro over the slight discomfort or space issues, or sometimes is the protagonist of such himself.





Pride has eaten up the sense of belonging to a community with brotherhood under the beautiful blue sky in the lap of Mother Nature because everyone has to feel supreme over others.

Concluding, I want to say that the above situations may not be 100% applicable with all the people. There are various instances where we come to know that indeed someone acted quick and saved a person’s life who had jumped on the tracks to commit suicide or maybe incidents like road accidents where one helped the other instead of speeding away or pointing fingers at others over whose mistake it was and we feel that this place is not so worth despising after all.

But the mere fact that one feels happy or relieved about getting to know about such incidents states that indeed humanity has ceased to exist and we need to find proofs to feel good about it. Aren’t we feeding our pride here, too? Well, my friend, that’s Pride of proving others wrong!