Evelyn came down from the branch after some time was passed and Jeff was taken away by those men. She was really scared but did not cry, very carefully she climbed the tree down and reached the bottom where she saw the footsteps of the cannibalists. Her parents finally saw the enormous amount of missed calls from the landline number when they were bidding their final goodbyes to the bride and the groom. Really tensed they tried to call back but the phone was not reachable, so they started to drive as fast as possible to reach home quickly. Here Evelyn started following the footsteps which led her back to the lake where she saw the phone and dialed the first number on the call list, she had a conversation with her parents and told them about the situation. In return, Mr and Mrs. Smith called the police who would take around 30 – 40 minutes to reach their country side situated home.

The mother being really tensed started crying and the father started to pray. They both mutually decided to move back to the city and bid goodbye to the country side forever. Waiting for the police the six – year – old Evelyn decided to go around and look for Jeff, unfortunately, it was a minimum 40 minutes’ walk back to the house and she was already very tired. Irrespective she went ahead and started running. She covered the distance in half the time and started to look around the house, to her surprise they had Jeff in the outhouse.

“There is nothing that I could do to save him,” she thought to herself as she was too small to save Jeff from two fully grown mad men.

At that very instant the police arrived with sirens started ringing throughout the forest, the two of them got really scared and decided to run away, but in their hustle, one of them dropped his wallet and without looking back vanished in the woods. The police found the girl by the house, Jeff in the chair without a finger and lots of blood and the wallet with an identification card. Their parents arrived after 10 minutes and felt sorry for the condition of the children, they thanked the police and gave their testimony. Both of the criminals were caught and sent to jail to serve a minimum period of 14 years in imprisonment with charges of robbery, trespassing as well as cannibalism with further punishment to be decided later. Mr and Mrs. Smith acted upon their mutual decision and left the house forever. Evelyn and Jeff both received a medal for bravery from the President for showing extraordinary courage at the time of crisis and had their photo printed on the first page of the newspaper which was framed and hung on the wall of their new apartment in the city. Everything returned to normal after they shifted but till date, Evelyn often encounters bad dreams of that night.