Money Demonetization – An epidemic….but failed to defeat humanity……


A much appreciated initiative taken by our P.M. Narendra Modi, has definitely led to several consequences which is being faced by middle class families. The demonetization of 500 & 1000 note has been emerging as a major problem from economical, political and social point of view. I was also the one included in those middle class family who was facing problem but paytm and online payment had helped me to a greater extent.

This was something very serious and sensitive issue which each of us were facing but being a social animal how one could imagine their life without celebration. While everyone was busy and involved in cut throat competition of getting the new notes and many died because of shock at that time I realised that humanity is still alive in this world. This incident was really heart touching that made me realised that whatever may be the situation, good work continues with the good person in the world.

I was very excited today as it was the birthday of my flat-mate. But I was worried too as I was not having enough money to buy the surprise cake for her. Everything was going fine but this pre new year surprise by our P.M. was really horrible.

After office I decided to buy a cake for her. But thanks to my bad luck I was just having only 100 rupee in my purse and also I left late from the office then I had to go with my friend for some urgent work. So, undoubtedly I was getting late to get into the hostel, as our hostel timing was 10.00P.M. Beyond 10 P.M., Chota Chetan doesn’t allow us to get in. Chota Chetan i.e. our hostel uncle.

It was already 9.30 PM, I called a taxi then finally I reached to the area, where my hostel was. I went 2-3 shops for cake but some of them were not accepting card, and another bakery shop was not having enough cake. At this time, I was so irritated and was continuously cursing the decision of our P.M. The time was 9.45 P.M., now I was more worried as I was getting late for my hostel and also I was not getting cake.

Finally I went to the shop, nearest to my hostel. This shop was my last hope but I never visited there before this so I was worried about the quality and variety of cake. I saw few cakes then I selected the black forest cake for her which was looking very delicious from its appearance. Now the twist in the story was waiting. The cake was almost packed to be carried off. I was relieved when I found that the shop owner was accepting the card.

But thanks to my bad luck, the server was down, so the payment through card was unsuccessful. Now I was about to lose my temper as I was already getting late for my hostel and the cake was also important for me, so I could not leave that.

Then suddenly, shop owner asked me to take the cake. So I told him that I don’t have enough cash and my card is not working so how could I take the cake?

His answer was – You can take this cake, you can give me money whenever I will have it. My anger and irritation melted in a second after listening this. But it was not at all justified from my side to take something without actually paying for it. I then asked him to keep any of my atm card or ID Proof as a  guarantee but he refused to take that also.

He finally told me – Beta! Take this. We’re here to serve you. It’s a national crisis which all of us are facing. If you would have money then definitely you would have paid us. I understand your situation. It is important for you to take the cake. So take it and pay us whenever you will have the money.

Finally I agreed to take the cake but I asked him to note down my contact number in the case if I forget to give money. So he replied – Your contact number is not required, I know you’ll come and pay by yourself. He also added if you’ll not find the cake delicious, then don’t pay us the money.

I was so pleased that I decided to give him the last 100 rupee note which I was having with me at that time. I reached hostel then we celebrated my flat-mate’s birthday. We ate the cake and believe me it was the most delicious cake I had ever eaten. I think the humanity and kindness of the shop-owner had added more sweetness to the cake.

This incident made me realised that humanity is still alive. No situation can stop the good deeds on this Earth. May be problems are the phase that we all have to face to prove the presence of good humans and humanity from time to time. And this incident was one of them. After a week I got 500 new note, I went to the shop again and paid him the money and thanked him for the delicious cake. Now I am eagerly waiting for another birthday of my friend so that I can have another delicious cake from that shop.