This Story is about the cliches, the society has towards different carrier paths.


Aanya entered Hp Hewlett showroom .Her Dad accompanied her.

Dad-“Hp ke laptops dikhana”

The man counting the bundles of note told “Are Sunil dekh Customer ko kya chahyea,main aara hun jara”

Sunil-“Hello Sir,Education kya hai aapka”

*Dad remained silent*

Aanya  picked her phone up and started speaking to it without the phone showing any behaviour other than lying on the grim sooted table with it’s pale and ignorable silence.

Dad-“Are koi bhi jo accha ho,aur middle class family ke liye suitable ho.Aur haan 2-3 saal chal sake”

Aanya made the phone lie again on the table.

Sunil-“Education bata dena sa purpose pata chal jayega na”

*Stoic Silence*

Dad answered with a cacaphony high pitched tone-“Arts”

*there was an exchange of quick glances with a facetious smile between Sunil and his mates*

The number which flashed on Dad’s phone seemed to be from the Law Farm where he used to work .Dad waived to Anya .

Dad-“Suno ,Main 2 minute me aara hun”

Aanya hurriedly picked up her  sound and static phone  which was resilient towards making any sound today –“Shakshi,you know what! The ppt which is to be made by us is done by me.The slides are well prepared by me and I will just come up tomorrow at your house to discuss if we could do some editing to make it more eye-catchy.Ya,ya ,absolutely,the Excel-Sheet is well prepared and even I have done all the assignments on it.Sure,tomorrow I shall come to show it to you.I know these weekly assignments!duhhhh ……It just makes  us so uncathy and uneven with our own “the life”They seem to be gulping all our time.Nevertheless,these are something  which keeps us embarking on the path of Computer wonders and  readily keeping us trimmed with the world.”

Dad re-entered the showroom which had a temperature risen by the the ever boiling issue of Education via Arts.

Aanya stopped blabbering to the unheard voice on her phone.

Dad-“Haan to ,Sunil!Dikhana jara”

Dad’s voice seemed to have no recognition in the shop.Sunil was busy with another pair of customer whereas other staffs were keeping themselves occupied by their official recognition of the Lunch Time.

After five whole minutes,Dad tried with a berserk voice and gave Aanya a smirk.

Aanya tried to be indifferent to her Dad’s presence.Her eyes glued to her ever resting phone which seemed to be unobedient to her.

Dad-“Sunil,dikha do jara,der ho raha hai mujha”

This time Sunil returned to Dad with a casualness.

Sunil-“Are,huhhh…..dikhana kya hai ,koi bhi le lo.Graphics ka koi kam to hai nai inko.Infact Computer ka vi kya kam hai jyada!Under 15,000 hi ho jayega.2 models hai,koi vi le lo”

Aanya clinched her fists.Chewed her lips.Tightened her shivering socks.Sighed heavily.Lifted her head up in total unrecognition of everything .

*She reached down from where she started*

The glib talk with unheard Sakshi about MS Office could not make her feel pride in studying Hindi Literature in Delhi University.

*Dad remained silent*

Dad went out without waiting for Aanya to pace her speed with the world who gives total recognition to Engineer’s and Doctor’s and remains ravelled towards anything else.