Once lived a poor old lady Meera. She used to worship god without fail each and every day.  Meera resides within a small hut situated in a plane uncultivable land which is  isolated thus she has to walk a long distance even to fetch water for drinking and miscellaneous purpose.

One fine day walking through a thick dense forest in the hot summer season, she was carrying a heavy bundle of dry sticks in her head. She collected those sticks to use as firewood and cook food to feed her bed ridden husband, son and also her grandchildren. Due to the scorching heat of the sun she became so tired and was not able to carry the firewood. Somehow or the other the sticks fell down. Irrespective of her continuous try, she lost her optimistic thought to get those bundle of sticks in her head. Since the sticks were heavy the impuissant old woman was so much disturbed and said “Who will help me to get this bundle on my head?” .So she cried out in a loud voice  “Oh .. God please help this poor soul”.

Suddenly the god of all creations appeared in his own form in front of the disturbed woman and he asked “what do you want dear old lady?”

The old lady replied “God kindly help me to get this bundle on my head”.

The lord proprietor of everything, the powerful of all, the one with all knowledge, all beauty and all renunciation has appeared before her to give benediction, but the lady just asked for that bundle to get on her head.

This is what we are doing .We ask for a bundle in our head. Whenever we visit holy places to worship god we ask for all material pleasures of this world so that we become happy, our family remains happy, we get all wealth and enjoy all material things losing our memory that we are connected with god. This is our innocence or a stare of not knowing that pure devotional service and mercy are the only things in the world that should be asked to the supreme personality of godhead.

If we want something from god we should just blindly beg for an opportunity to serve the supreme. When people are engaged in any kind of devotional service to god they will be blessed by him and thus they will be able to meet all the daily needs.

To be born as a human is an opportunity given by him to show our love and sacrifice towards the almighty. The purpose of our birth should be understood and used wisely. The ultimate aim of all human soul is to serve the almighty lord and seek his blessings .If we are found as a dedicated servant of lord then we can seek his blessings and live happily with all the health and wealth surrounding us. Seek happiness just by serving the lord. Once tasted the joy of serving him enjoy the mercy showered upon you.