Hello! I am Suraj. I am an eighteen-years-old boy. Yes my age depicts that I am an adult but my parents say I am not mature enough to be called an adult. Let me introduce my family now. I have a small family. My mother, father and a younger sister (along with me) live in a small house in Greater Noida.

My uncle lives in Kolkata. We are actually Bengali but my father came here in search of job. Thus he got married here & I  am born here. But we go once in a year to my hometown, Kolkata.

It was my cousin’s wedding, my Ram dada’s wedding that was going to take place on 30th November, 2013. We went there three days before the wedding ceremony. As it was an Indian wedding, various rituals proceeded the wedding of my Dada, It was my eldest cousin’s wedding so the celebration was grand.

The day we reached the destination of the wedding (the hotel in which the wedding was arranged), it was Haldi function of my Dada. He wore a cream coloured kurta pajama, an Indian traditional dress for men as we have Saree for ladies.

Dada was surrounded by so many women including my aunt, grandmother, maa and my sister too. But my eyes stopped at the girl wearing a golden dress. She looked like an angel sent from heaven & I guessed she was somewhat of my age. She was charming, beautiful, and smiling. The Kajal her eyes had, lipstick adorning her lips, the earing that was moving with my every heart beat and the curls of her hair added beauty to her natural glow. I hadn’t seen someone as beautiful as her in my whole life. I wanted to talk to her as soon as possible because I couldn’t wait. After sometime, I saw her going towards the balcony & I followed her.

I said, “Hi.” And the reply was as usual,” Do I know you?” I said to her,” you can know me if you want.” She told that she love knowing only those guys who love & respect women as they deserve it. She told me her name. She was Soumya. Her name depicted how soft her heart was towards everyone. I introduced myself to her & got to know that she was my uncle’s neighbor, some family friend. I was amazed by the way she talked not only to me but everyone else also. She was really sweet, the sweetest person ever on earth I guess.

We talked for long but it seemed like a single moment as we both were enjoying it. I thought why good time passes so easily while bad time doesn’t.

Suddenly her brother called her and she had to leave her. She looked at me as she was going and said goodbye. I waved at her too. Unfortunately, I had to leave before someone could catch me like that. I kept on thinking about her. What was it that was making me smile for no reason? I was wondering to myself. I was feeling out of the world.

Next time we met was the next day. It felt like a very long time until I met her. This time, we went to a nearby market because she was knowing all the places around where she stayed. We now talked of our dreams, our lives and more serious things. There was something we shared more than friendship. I made her laugh, joked around & we shared each other’s phone numbers so as to remain in contact.

On the wedding day, she looked the world’s prettiest girl in a long red dress. That fair complexion looked highly defined in that dress. We couldn’t talk on that day. Just a little smile & I complimented her. She smiled back & blushed. The color of her cheeks matched the color of her dress.

Next day, we were about to leave & the relation that  we shared just remained friendship. I moved away with a deep sorrow in my heart.

It has been two years  since then but that memory flashes in my mind whenever I think of any wedding. We talk daily & now I have realized why I felt special before her. We are in love with each other to which many people call a relationship. We meet once in a week usually weekends since she has shifted in New Delhi  and is now a student of DU. We chat for long hours, tease each other, fights on small issues sometimes and resolve them together but our commitments are strong enough to keep us bonded together.

Love is the bond that brings together two  souls rather than bodies. It’s not the outer beauty that attracts you but the inner beauty what your soul has. Love is caring  without the feeling of being cared by the one you love. Try to find love in every creature made by God if you love him.