It is about the greed and it’s consequences on human relations.


A boy named Raghav was born in a middle class family in a small town in Bangalore.     As he grew, he wanted expensive toys and clothes. He wanted to eat in expensive restaurants, and have a luxurious car to travel. But due to the only income of his father, the family always had to compromise. His mother told about how hard his father worked to turn his status from poor to a middle class family.

She told her that his grandfather was not as supportive to his father as his father was to him. His grandfather wanted his father to work in his fields, grow plants & cut crops in the season of harvesting. He managed to study by himself along with doing the field work as per his grandfather’s wishes. He passed the government examination for bank in his fifth attempt and became a clerk in a government bank.

His salary was not enough to satisfy his family’s all needs. His mother was understanding as she had seen how his husband worked hard to change his days. He didn’t care for what he himself wanted. He would rather think of getting something bigger and better for his son.He had even got Raghav’s admission in a good school, spent on his tuition fees and also did a part time job in order to make his son’s future bright.

Hearing all this from his mother, Raghav thought of working harder than his father. Since his demands were not fulfilled, he decided to work as hard as he could to become a rich businessman and live a lifestyle as that of rich high class society people.

He thought to himself of how could he do this. And a voice from within said to do something successful people do. He read Steve Job’s biography, Ratan Tata’s journey & many such entrepreneurs who worked day and night to make their future bright. He started doing marketing internships to improve his skills. This helped him a lot in working towards his dreams and turning them into reality. He became ambitious.

He did his schooling from  the same school and graduated from a government college in Bangalore. During his graduation, he learned more business skills. He filled an application to go to the USA for MBA. His application was approved and he went there.

Raghav , after graduating from a college in Bangalore went to the USA for higher studies. He completed MBA from USA while doing a part time job along with his studies. He learned the business skills and techniques from the top businessmen in many workshops. After his MBA and studies, he worked in multinational company as the manager. He earned  lot in that company. Then he thought of expanding his own business in India. With the same thought, he came back to India and started with a small business in sports products. Gradually, his business expanded in Bangalore as well as many metro cities of India.

His business expanded more and more. He hired many employees in his company. They had their own brand name now. He had his own MNC in Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai including his own city & stores in every mall of the cities and thus he became one of the top young entrepreneurs in India who inspired many youths.

During all this, he got married to  beautiful Lady named Radha. After two years of marriage, she gave birth to twins. Both were little naughty but cute. As Raghav was rich now, he looked forward to his sons not lacking anything. They both had expensive toys, they used to have monthly trips to the USA, the UK and around the world too.

They studied in an expensive school, grew up to be richer than they were born since the business expanded with a great speed. Raghav had all the skills one needs to run a successful business. Growing in such an atmosphere, his both sons became greedy.

Both of them didn’t study rather waste their father’s each penny earned with so much hard work and dedication to make his son’s lives easier than he had. Each of them grew jealous of one another. They wanted money & property. Both demanded their shares in the entire property of their father.

Both of them got equal part of the property. But Raghav and his wife were left with nothing except sorrow, grief and loneliness. Both sons  got their houses that were no more a home   without parents and money but none agreed to keep Raghav and his wife with him. They were left alone in a big house. His wife died due to the disputes of her sons for the property. She couldn’t live with that pain in her heart. Now he was left all alone in that house. Then he realized what his father used to tell him. He told him that time is money. He would have spend some time with his sons teaching him the proper need of money. He realized that there’s nothing that can satisfy one’s greed. Only need can be satisfied.

His sons had  their own business which  was not as successful as his father’s business. They could not realize their mistakes until their deeds came back to them.  They had the taste of their own medicines .Hence time passes and one learns so many mysterious facts about life.