An inspirational story about a girl who work hard to turn every difficulty in her way into her strength.


In 1985, a girl named Surbhi was born in a middle class family.  It was long years back. Time has changed now. But the childhood memories, the teenage love and stress, the adulthood maturity and the childish nature in old age remains the same.

Surbhi was an intelligent girl. She loved going to school and learning new things in such a small age whether it was making for the first time or playing a new game, it gave equal excitement to her life. She had many friends with whom she played hide & seek, Cricket and many such games.

She studied in a local school in the colony she lived in. As she grew, she realized about the atmosphere of the school and the crowd of the children studying in the school was not good. She had to do something about it.                            Meanwhile, a boy started teasing her. He followed her with a group of guys wherever she went and passed bad comments on her. It was really  uncomfortable. She was just 8, the age in which one doesn’t know anything  except some games and a few lessons. She gave hints about that boy to her mother but couldn’t say it directly since she was afraid of the reaction of her family.

                      Being so young and facing it for the first time, she thought not to disclose this to any of her family members. She thought he would stop following her and teasing her if she let it go the way it was going. This is her secret even now. She wanted to cry like a small baby in her mother’s lap for the same reason but couldn’t.

In the next session, she talked to her parents to change the school, an ICSE board school from Haryana board. They were not ready as the fee was very high as compared to the last one. But she managed to get her wish fulfilled by saying that it was a better option, a better school for her to make her future bright.

The first day to her new school was just the opposite of what she had thought. She thought to make new friends, meet good people there the students were not like that. When she was asked for the introduction and she told them about her, they made fun of the name of the school she came from as it was a local school. They made fun of their name as well. But few of them were really supportive. They became her friends and helped her too in whatever she needed.

After some days, when the studies began she had to deal with a problem(the biggest problem of her life then). She couldn’t understand English and the teachers always communicated in English only. They asked students to do the same. In the beginning, it was really tough to cope up with so many changes. It was like a different world, a real and bigger world that welcomed her open handedly. Sometimes she thought it was the biggest mistake of her life.

                      She didn’t score well in starting. She cried as she was the topper in the previous school and couldn’t continue it there. But the voice from within said, “you can do it.” She promised to herself to work hard and turn her dreams into reality, her dream of becoming the topper of her class here too in a competitive world. To her, determination was more important than anything. She got second position in mid semester examination and first in the final examination. Thus she continued to top in every class & got the best student award as well. That was the biggest celebration she had for the prize of the best student. The boys who used to chase her stopped doing the same when she took a step to make them understand how she used to feel when they did it. They understood it & said sorry.

Her dedication and hard work got her what she wanted. Surbhi is now an alumni of that school. She is an IAS officer working for the welfare of women in villages and towns to get the best education and work towards their dreams. She is an independent woman  who do all the  household work as good as managing her professional life. This is something only a girl can do and she was proud of it. Though she struggled a lot in her life, every moment taught her something and brought her closer to her success.

This story is based on a real life incident. If you work as hard as Surbhi or any of the successful person you meet in your life, you can be a motivating personality. Someone who inspires others more than you.  Your dreams can become true as well and you can work towards making a better India and a better world.