Contrary to the belief humans are the most irrational animal on earth in reality. People judge others often not looking into their own thoughts, and to realize the same the need of introspection arises!!!


The phone in my purse rang, my room was extremely disorganized for me to find the phone and finally when I got it, I was breathing heavily, my friend Saloni got concerned and asked me whether I am okay or not.

I felt like opening my heart to her completely. “Yes, I am okay physically but not mentally. I was getting ready for an occasion, some puja in my neighbourhood. My neighbour invited me today. It is some sacred ceremony at her place. Many people, whom she invites, come there to worship but a greater mass to discuss about dresses and all. I don’t understand, if worshipping god is so important, how their minds get deviated! That is the reason I am finding it quite difficult to choose my attire for that event. Leave it. I find my neighbours some religious geeks! You would be astonished to know, they will observe minimum one ceremony a week, on an average. Can you believe it? These people, they believe in idol worship so much. And about the rules of religion, they are just too strict! But I don’t believe all these. I don’t take this religion stuff seriously at all.”

Saloni was as patient as I expected her to be considering the past record, she would always listen to what I speak with minimum of her suggestions, and she would rather try to make me find out what I really want. She then said me, “Why are you going there? Because you couldn’t deny!”

I was just feeling like resting my heart in her palms, “Yes, you know me so well, that every time I talk to you I feel more and more connected. I couldn’t deny them and now I don’t want to go.”

You know, it’s just not about getting ready to go that makes me so lazy to go but I even find people who worship to have some of their wishes granted by God. Really, I feel pity on them. Such a poor thing to do! If wishes were fulfilled this way, then people wouldn’t have worked ever and would have dreamt of flying without wings!! I mean, the beliefs that I am going to face there are quite questionable… Aren’t they?

Saloni chuckled on my explanations and then said, “Well, I understand people have some weird beliefs, they used to rationalize their beliefs rather than trying to believe on the logical things. In the system beliefs come first and then logic but explanations often tend to make them sound like it happened the other way round.”

I always get a feeling of assurance and confirmation while talking to her. Then I narrated to her another important incident of my life.

“You know, Yesterday I met Mrs. Gupta in the temple. You remember her?” I just heard her saying, “yeah, she is a nice lady.”

“Yeah, the moment she saw me, she told, “hello, you look very pretty. Your dress is really superb. Where from you bought it?”

I replied being modest, “thanks aunty. Brother gifted me this. Nice, no! By the way aunty, this sari is really fabulous. Green on purple; what a combination! You really have a good sense of fashion. ”

“Oh, thanks dear. And you here?”

“Yeah, aunty; I am keeping a fast on each Monday. Just for that. ”

“Really! What for?”

“Oh, it’s for the sake of my success in the exams.”

“Wow! That’s great.”

And she went there for some worshipping purpose. She used to go to the temple if she intends to go anywhere out of the town. She says she wants to see the God before going out of town. And the most bizarre thing is she is coming today and again she must be well adorn with a nice sari and I just don’t want to go being in a simple outfit.

Saloni was listening to all my chats without any form of disinterest. And then suddenly I realized that I didn’t ask her anything about herself.

I just asked in a hurry, “Hey, sorry, I was so busy talking about myself that I almost didn’t ask you whether you had time or not! How are you and how is life?”

She replied with her usual merry tone, “Yeah, am fine. Life is good…”

We both chuckled. She works in LG and it’s a practice of mine to ask how is life, to which she will always promptly reply Life’s Good…

We both became friends in high school and after that we used to talk on various topics. We made a good pair of friends as she used to listen and talk less and I used to talk much intending to be heard. She went to stay in Delhi and I had to stay in Bangalore for job purposes but distance never was able to separate us as we used to have a good amount spent in phone bills…

She used to speak less but with that she will make me realize as to what I am doing and what I think I should do. She will not ever ask me to accept her thoughts and beliefs rather would ask me to understand my own thoughts and beliefs the way she did today!!

Then I asked about her health and workload and all sorts of casual questions. She then just told me, “Well, I went last Saturday to a temple here. They have a tree, where you need to tie some lace and your wish will come true. Did you know about that?”

I simply said, “Yes, I do. I have tied laces many times there. Some of my wishes also did come true.”

She then simply replied, “How easy it is to make your wishes come true! No! I tied a lace today asking for a pair of wings that could enable me to fly wherever I want.”

I said, “What? Wings to make you fly, but doesn’t that sound quite impossible? I mean how can someone wish for that and how will that be fulfilled?”

She replied, “Well, if tying a lace in a tree can make your wishes come true then I can wish anything. These days I am finding it difficult to work much, so I feel like going there and tie laces to lessen my tension of getting my jobs done. I guess, they will be taken care of by those laces!”

I was just simply astounded at my thoughts being cleared and said, “Okay…” (With a long pause) and She replied, “Now, go and get ready for your function.”

I simply agreed and hung up the phone to find that now every dress in my wardrobe felt quite okay for the occasion!