This is the story of a girl called “pihu”. this is like her personal diary through we can know about her life

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Reena saw pihu and abhishek together.

Reena: hey, pihu, what discussion is going on between you and abhishek?

Pihu: actually I asked abhishek, why he has behaved rudely to you?

Reena: what he said?

Pihu: he told me that he tried to explain about his love with someone. But you didn’t listen.

Reena: hmmm. Ok pihu. Let us leave this issue for now. Thank you for your concern.

Pihu: reena… I am your friend. Don’t be formal.

Reena: smiled at pihu, but she was thinking whether pihu and abhishek are only friends or is there anything special?

Pihu: she could able to read what reena is thinking. So she said come on reena, our friends are waiting for us. Let us go now.

Pihu, at Home

Pihu: hey mom and dad, what’s going on? It’s a surprise to see both of you at this time.

Pihu’s mom: what to do? Your dad said Mr. Bhatia and his family would talk with us through video call. So we are waiting for the past 10 minutes.

Pihu: mom, can you please come here for a minute?

Pihu’s mom: what pihu?

Pihu: mom, I know about dad. He won’t speak with any of our relatives or his friends through video call. But why today, and what is special about them?

Pihu’s mom:  I also have the doubt. But I cannot ask these questions to your dad.

Pihu’s dad: pihu, come on. Mr. Bhatia and his family are online now. Call your mom.

So pihu and her family spoke with them for 30 minutes. At the end of the conversation Mr. Bhatia said that they would like to talk with them every week end. After hearing this pihu got surprised. So she asked her mom.

Pihu: mom, I have not seen dad like this before. What’s going on?

Pihu’s mom: pihu, give me 5 minutes. I will ask your dad. After few minutes, Pihu’s mom said that Mr. Bhatia and his family like pihu so much. They prefer to continue their relationship with pihu’s family. They want pihu and their son to get married after they finish their education.

Pihu: she was shocked to hear these words. Mom, I am still studying and not even a graduate.

Pihu’s mom: pihu, you don’t worry. I will speak with your dad. You concentrate in your studies and finish your graduation. You can continue with your higher education. I won’t allow your dad to put pressure on you regarding marriage.

Pihu: thank you mom

Pihu, at the College

Pihu noticed that reena was not present there in the class. So she moved towards abhishek.

Abhishek: hey pihu, what happened? Why you look so sad?

Pihu: pihu explained everything to abhishek. She said about Mr. Bhatia and his family and also about the yesterday incident.

Abhishek: So what are you going to do pihu?

Pihu: abhishek I cannot do anything now. I should wait till I finish my graduation. I have a plan to go for a job after graduation. Then I would like to continue my higher education. You can also do the same if you wish to do.

Abhishek: smiled at pihu. Still you didn’t accept my love. I already knew what you are thinking. Both smiled at each other.

Sonia Visiting Pihu’s Home

Sonia: pihu, where are you?

Pihu: hey Sonia, welcome back.

Sonia: pihu, this time I am going to spend more days with you.

Pihu: yes, I am so happy Sonia.

After Sonia came there pihu spend most of the time with her. Pihu would go to the college in the morning and after she returns home she will talk only with Sonia. Pihu even forget to call abhishek after she returns home. Pihu thought that Sonia will be busy once her college reopens.

Meanwhile pihu even introduces Sonia to Mr. Bhatia and his family through video call. Their son prem was friendly with pihu and Sonia. All these incidents happen within a period of two weeks.

Sonia: pihu what do you think about prem?

Pihu: Sonia, prem is a decent guy and intelligent too. Within these two weeks I can say this about prem. If we get more time to talk with him maybe we can know more.

Sonia: Sonia is thinking about prem.

Pihu: So pihu asked, Sonia what are you thinking?

Sonia: I like him pihu. Then she smiled at pihu.

Pihu: my goodness. How can you say like this within this short span of time?

Sonia: I don’t know pihu. We both talked with him thrice. The way he talks impressed me.

Pihu: if you are serious about prem then why you should wait? Should I ask my parents to talk with Mr. Bhatia and his family to proceed further?

Sonia: wait pihu. Before that I want to make sure about his feelings. Prem likes me or not? Whether he would extend this relationship to marriage? We should confirm before we say it our parents.

Pihu: ok Sonia

Pihu: now pihu think that if prem really likes Sonia it will be good for her too. She can live her life happily without convincing her dad as she is not ready for the marriage now.

Sonia: pihu, as per our routine plan. It’s the time to go to shopping mall.

Pihu: yes Sonia, I will get ready now. Sonia before your visit I didn’t go for shopping frequently. But now everything has been changed.

Sonia: what to do pihu. We don’t have other choice to spend our free time. Moreover I’ll stay with you till this month end. Then I have to move to my home. So try to spend more time with me dear

Pihu: that’s what I am doing for the past two weeks. We have to spend more time in shopping today because I have to select my birthday dress.

Sonia: oh my god. How can I forget that? Ok pihu we will purchase more dresses today.

Pihu and Sonia’s went to the shopping mall and spend nearly three hours there. So pihu said Sonia it’s getting late. Come let us move to our home.

Sonia: pihu, I want to tell you something about a person.

Pihu: I know you will say about prem. Am I correct?

Sonia: no pihu, a person is following us for the past 10 days whenever we visit this shopping mall.

Pihu: pihu was shocked. Sonia why you didn’t tell this before?

Sonia: pihu, I thought it may be coincidental. But now I think he is purposely following us.

Pihu: ok Sonia, show me that person.

Sonia: pihu, just pretend that you are seeing the dress. But casually look at the person who is in black jeans and red shirt at the right side of the shop.

Pihu: pihu pretends exactly as Sonia said and saw that man. She can able to see him and he is watching them.

Sonia: pihu, have you seen him before? Do you know this guy?

Pihu: no Sonia. I don’t know this person. We will lodge a complaint against him?

Sonia: no pihu. We should not do that now. If he misbehaves with us or if he comments about us then we can file a complaint against him.

Pihu: ok Sonia, either you or me should take a picture of this man. So this would help us when we file a complaint against him.

Sonia: pihu, that’s a good idea.

After 30 minutes they can able to take a picture of that person. Sonia and pihu did it when the man is talking to someone in his phone.

Pihu: Sonia now we have his picture. So we have a proof now.

Sonia: ok pihu, keep it safe. We will use this when necessity arises.

Couple of days later at Pihu’s Home

Sonia: pihu today I am going to ask prem, he likes me or not?

Pihu: that’s a good idea. When prem come for online chatting I’ll talk with him first and will move away from the place. Then you talk with prem. Try to get a reply from him today itself if possible.

Sonia: I’ll try to know that

Prem: hey girls, how are you both?

Sonia and pihu said they both are fine. Then pihu said that she has some work in the kitchen and asked prem to talk with Sonia.  After an hour, pihu enter into their room.

Pihu: Sonia, what did he say?

Sonia: he also accepts that he likes me. Sonia smiled at pihu. But prem said it is not possible for him to think about marriage before he finishes his higher education and until he started to work in his family business.

Pihu: congrats Sonia. I agree with prem. He is correct. He has to finish his education and should join in his family business. Moreover he is in Canada now. So he needs time to think about marriage.

Sonia: pihu, what should I do now?

Pihu: Sonia, just focus on your studies now. When your parents talk about your marriage then tell them about prem. I am also with you. So don’t worry Sonia.

Sonia: Sonia was happy that prem also likes her. But her instinct says something is going to happen bad with her very soon. So Sonia shares about her fear with pihu.

Pihu: Sonia don’t worry. You are thinking about the guy we saw in the shopping mall. So you are stressed now. I’ll take care of you.

Sonia: thank you pihu.

Days rolled on.

Pihu’s mom: Sonia, I am planning a special birthday party for pihu.

Sonia: yes. We have to celebrate it. I’ll decorate the house.

Pihu: mom, I have invited all my friends to my birthday party.

Pihu’s mom: that’s a good idea pihu.

So pihu and Sonia are discussing about which dress they will wear during birthday party. Pihu’s mom is busy in preparing the sweets for her.

On Pihu’s Birthday

The guests who are all invited to attend the birthday party got surprised by seeing Sonia. She and pihu resembles same and moreover they couldn’t differentiate who is the birthday girl because pihu and Sonia wear the dress with same pattern but the color was different.

Pihu: hey girls, welcome to my birthday party.

Reena: pihu, you look so pretty. Happy birthday pihu

Pihu: thank you reena

Tia: many more happy returns of the day pihu. The rest of her friends also wished pihu.

Pihu: thank you so much girls.

Pihu’s birthday party lasted till 1.A.M. As the party was arranged in her home everyone feel it more comfortable. Sonia’s mom and dad also attended the party.

4.00A.m at Pihu’s Home

Sonia’s mom and dad said they have to leave for their home and Sonia will stay with pihu till morning. Then they will send a car for Sonia. Sonia’s parents instructed her to come to their home after 7.00’o clock. So Sonia said ok.

  1. OO A.M

A car reached pihu’s home. So Sonia said pihu I think my dad has sent the car. Once I reach my home I’ll call you.  So pihu said ok and Sonia moved towards the car.

  1. OO A.M

Pihu was thinking why Sonia didn’t call her. So she decided to call Sonia.

Pihu: the ring was going on. But she didn’t pick up the call. Pihu tried again. There was no response. Pihu’s several attempts went in vain. So she thought to call her home phone. Sonia’s parents took the phone.

Pihu: hello Sonia

Sonia’s parents: pihu, Sonia is there with you. Ask her to speak with me. Pihu was shocked. What?!!!!! Sonia didn’t reach there?

Sonia’s parents: what are you saying pihu. I don’t understand.

Pihu: then she explains everything about the car and said Sonia left the home at 7.OOA.M.

Sonia’s parents: they got tensed. But we forget to send the car pihu. Where is Sonia????

After hearing this pihu called her parents and said what happened exactly. So her parents decided to file a police complaint. Within 30 minutes the news about Sonia spread to her close friends and relatives.

Everyone was shocked to know that Sonia is missing now? Whose car was that? Why Sonia has been kidnapped?