This story is about a girl and her struggle to keep her friendship. Hope you enjoy reading it.


Books are definitely one of the best friends one can have. They teach us every small but essential lesson of our life. For readers’ a book is like a drug but not everyone is addicted to this drug. Library is a peaceful place for reader’s mind. Sitting in a chair with her head down staring at the books, Samaira didn’t notice when one of her friends came and sat beside her. She was surprised to see him at that time because he was usually busy. Samaira wanted to take some rest from long studies so she and her friend went for a walk in a park where both talked and exchanged a lot of thoughts. Samaira always liked to talk with him and never refused the opportunity if ever got one.

Their meetings were becoming regular. They used to hangout for at least 2 hours every day. But now, she thought that she might have developed some feelings for him. Her friends always used to say or rather warn her that, “Samaira, be careful almost every boy is same. Lakshay is no exception. They might not develop the same feelings as yours. So if you have any, any feelings for him try to control it or divert it.” Samaira used to ignore such sayings and always says that, “he’s just my good friend and nothing else.” She used to hide and control her small but emerging feelings to a very good extend. She even tried to convince herself by saying, “I don’t need to develop any feelings for anyone. I came here for study and that’s what I should be doing.” Their friendship was growing stronger and stronger by each passing day.

One day Lakshay told Samaira about a girl named Myra. Samaira only knew a little bit about her as they used to share some common lectures. That girl was usually not liked by many people and so her friends were less but Lakshay was one of them. Lakshay told Samaira about their normal chatting to meeting and then a little hangout. Samaira observed that Lakshay’s and Myra’s interests were almost the same and the way Lakshay tells her about Myra she thought that he had developed feelings for her. Being his good friend, Samaira thought to dig out about this more and she advised jack that he should spend more time with Myra instead of her. She thought herself to be an obstacle in their path but Lakshay never thought about it. He used to share everything with Samaira and took her advice on every matter. Hiding her pain in the words which Lakshay never understood Samaira used to give the best advice and always praises that girl even though she don’t deserves that. Now, whenever Lakshay spends some time with Samaira he used to talk about Myra continuously and ask Samaira her opinion. Samaira used to hide her pain and anger in the best curve under her nose. She used to give her opinion and then smile as if nothing happened.

After a month Samaira got really upset as some of her friends were continuously teasing her without any valid reason. They even started bullying her. She was a kind of girl who can’t handle such things. The lame reason of teasing was that boy “Lakshay”. Ultimately, she decided to break the friendship so as to be free from teasing as well as her being an ‘obstacle’ in Lakshay and Myra’s life is also removed. It’s like killing two birds with one shot.

Finally, she took a deep breath and told Lakshay that she no longer can continue with their friendship. He was definitely heartbroken. Samaira was one of his very good friends. He even tried to explain things but it ultimately went against him. At last he accepted her proposal to break friendship but also promised that whenever needed he will be there by her side.

Samaira once again focused on her studies. The time she developed feelings have ruined her studies and grades as well. She has become an average student from the topper one. But now she worked hard and hard. She completed her course with good grades and got a decent job. Her schedule was a busy one but still she took some time to visit library. Library had always been her favorite place. All the answers which she wanted were given by books.

It was a normal day when she encountered a man whom she thought to know but was a total stranger. He gave her the book which she was searching for many weeks. She thanked him courteously and went to read. The stranger was not alone. A girl was with him, might be wife or girlfriend. They both sat opposite to Samaira. For an instance Samaira was back again in her college days. She continuously stared them so as to double check that whether she was right or it’s just an illusion. They got conscious and then Samaira observed that she was right. She was not grief-stricken or sad that day. She was content that they didn’t recognize her. She immediately dropped any thought at that time and started concentrating on her book again. That day she saw the power of friendship, power of time and the power of that place. That book which she was searching for about two months was given to her by some stranger friend.

She remembered his promise and his friendship but had lost her friend forever. That day she fell in love again but this time with someone different. She fell in love with someone who promised never to leave her again. She fell in love with books and they will never leave her alone.