As a child I was raised up with stories of heroic courage, valor, pride and honor but the stories of values by my Dad has made me survive the world and fiery clutch. So, I am sharing with few sagas which actually made me a person I am today and dedicate this article to my Kind, Dad!!!!


A courteous fellow was strolling through an elephant camp, and he detected that the elephants weren’t being kept in confines or held by the utilization of chains. Every one of that was keeping them away from getting away from the camp, was a little bit of rope attached to one of their legs.

As the man looked at the elephants, he was totally befuddled with reference to why the elephants didn’t simply utilize their quality to break the rope and escape the camp. They could undoubtedly have done as such, however rather they didn’t attempt to by any means. Inquisitive and needing to know the appropriate response, he asked a coach adjacent for what reason the elephants were quite recently remaining there and never endeavored to get away. The mentor answered; the main reason that the elephants weren’t sans breaking and getting away from the camp was on account of after some time they embraced the conviction that it simply wasn’t conceivable. Lesson of the story: No issue how much the world tries to keep you down, dependably proceed with the conviction that what you need to accomplish is conceivable. Trusting you can wind up noticeably effective is the most imperative advance in really accomplishing it.

Lesson of the story: No issue how much the world tries to keep you down, dependably proceed with the conviction that what you need to accomplish is conceivable. Trusting you can wind up noticeably effective is the most essential advance in really accomplishing it.


In a little Italian town, many years prior, an entrepreneur owed a substantial total of cash to an advance shark. The advance shark was an exceptionally old, ugly looking person that just so happened to favor the entrepreneur’s little girl. He chose to offer the specialist an arrangement that would totally wipe out the obligation he owed him. Be that as it may, the catch was that we would just wipe out the obligation in the event that he could wed the specialist’s little girl. Obviously, this proposition was met with a look of appall. The credit shark said that he would put two stones into a sack, one white and one dark. The girl would then need to venture into the pack and choose a rock. On the off chance that it was dark, the obligation would be wiped, however the advance shark would then wed her. In the event that it was white, the obligation would likewise be wiped, yet the little girl wouldn’t need to wed the advance shark. Remaining on a rock strewn way in the specialist’s garden, the advance shark twisted around and grabbed two stones. While he was lifting them up, the girl saw that he’d gotten two dark stones and set them both into the sack. He at that point requested that the girl venture into the sack and pick one. The little girl normally had three options with reference to what she could have done:

  • Decline to pick a stone from the sack.
  • Remove the two rocks from the sack and uncover the advance shark for tricking.
  • Pick a stone from the sack completely well knowing it was dark and yield herself for her dad’s opportunity.

She drew out a stone from the pack, and before taking a gander at it ‘inadvertently’ dropped it into the middle of alternate rocks. She said to the advance shark; the stone left clinched is clearly dark, and seeing as the credit shark would not like to be uncovered, he needed to play along as though the rock the little girl dropped was white, and clear her dad’s obligation.

Lesson of the story: It’s constantly conceivable to conquer an intense circumstance all through of the case considering, and not offer in to the main alternatives you think you need to pick from.


An army of frogs were going through the forested areas; two of them fell into a profound pit. At the point when other frogs swarmed around the pit and perceived how profound it was, they told the two frogs that there was no expectation left for them. Be that as it may, the two frogs chose to overlook what the others were stating and they continued to attempt and hop out of the pit. Regardless of their endeavors, the army of frogs at the highest point of the pit was all the while saying that they should simply surrender. That they could never influence it to out. In the end, one of the frogs noticed to what the others were stating and he surrendered, tumbling down to his passing. The other frog kept on bouncing as hard as possible. Once more, the horde of frogs shouted at him to stop the agony and simply pass on. He hopped significantly harder lastly influenced it to out. When he got out, alternate frogs stated, “Did you not hear us?” The frog disclosed to them that he was hard of hearing. He thought they were empowering him the whole time.

Lesson of the story: People’s words can bigly affect other’s lives. Consider what you say before it leaves your mouth. It may very well be the distinction amongst life and demise.


There was a farmer who sold a pound of spread to a cook. One day the dough puncher chose to measure the spread to check whether he was getting the appropriate sum, which he wasn’t. Irate about this, he indicted the agriculturist. The judge inquired as to whether he was utilizing any measure to weight the margarine. The rancher answered, “Respect, I am primitive. I don’t have an appropriate measure; however I do have a scale.” The judge asked, “At that point how would you measure the spread?” The farmer answered; YOUR HONOR, LONG BEFORE THE BAKER STARTED BUYING BUTTER FROM ME, I HAVE BEEN BUYING A POUND LOAF OF BREAD FROM HIM. Consistently WHEN THE BAKER BRINGS THE BREAD, I PUT IT ON THE SCALE AND GIVE HIM THE SAME WEIGHT IN BUTTER. In the event that ANYONE IS TO BE BLAMED, IT IS THE BAKER”.

Lesson of the story: In life, you get what you give. Try not to attempt and cheat others.


There used to be a young man who had a terrible temper. His dad chose to give him a pack of nails and said that each time the kid lost his temper; he needed to pound a nail into the fence. On the main day, the kid pounded 37 nails into that fence. The kid step by step started to remain calm throughout the following couple of weeks, and number of nails he was pounding into the fence gradually diminished. He found it was less demanding to remain calm than to pound those nails into the fence. At long last, the day came when the kid didn’t lose his temper by any means. He told his dad the news and the father proposed that the kid should now haul out a nail each day he monitored his temper. The days passed and the young man was at long last ready to tell his dad that every one of the nails was no more. The father took his child by the hand and drove him to the fence. “YOU HAVE DONE WELL, MY SON, BUT LOOK AT THE HOLES IN THE FENCE. THE FENCE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. WHEN YOU SAY THINGS IN ANGER, THEY LEAVE A SCAR JUST LIKE THIS ONE. YOU CAN PUT A KNIFE IN A MAN AND DRAW IT OUT. IT WON’T MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY I’M SORRY, THE WOUND IS STILL THERE.”

Lesson of the story: Control your outrage, and don’t state things to individuals seemingly out of the blue, that you may later lament. A few things in life, you can’t reclaim.


Some time back, a man rebuffed his 3-year-old girl for squandering a move of gold wrapping paper. Cash was tight and he wound up noticeably rankled when the tyke endeavored to brighten a case to put under the Christmas tree. In any case, the young lady conveyed the blessing to her dad the following morning and stated, “This is for you, Daddy.” The man ended up plainly humiliated by his eruption before, however his wrath proceeds when he saw that the container was vacant. He shouted at her; “Don’t you know when you give somebody a present, there should be something inside?” The young lady gazed toward him with tears in her eyes and cried; “Gracious, DADDY, IT’S NOT EMPTY AT ALL. I BLEW KISSES INTO THE BOX. THEY’RE ALL FOR YOU, DADDY.” The father was pulverized. He put his arms around his daughter, and he asked for her absolution. Just a brief timeframe later, a mishap ended the life of the tyke. Her dad kept the gold box by his bed for a long time and, at whatever point he was demoralized, he would take out a fanciful kiss and recall the adoration for the kid who had put it there.

Lesson of the story: Love is the most valuable blessing on the planet.