In my stories and events that happened, I found out that the phenomena of synchronicity that people have indicated is real. Synchronicity is one of the confused and mislaid topics that came under human thought. The word has probably been coined by some spiritual cult maybe to serve their needs; however, the word does have a significant place in our lives. The synchronicity is a happening of similar event coincidently with another at exact same place and time.

I can share experiences and events the happening of which are so strange can only be explained by no less than a act of synchronicity. Whether it is finding just right person for your job at the right time or getting the fixed amount of resource that you need to complete a project, it happened at a regular intervals.

Once it happened that, I lost my ATM card number, and I did not want to go through all the hefty processes of getting a new password (all bank processes take so much time). I just tried to recall the number with all my might. I tried the other day. And the day next. I tried three times every day for the next three days, with 24 hours gap (more than three wrong password inputs might block the card). After trying for two days, I quit and just be there asking universe to guide me what to do. The very next day while I sat on a place nearby. Immediately I realized that it got to be my ATM numbers – I went and checked and Yeah! It is. Can it be called ‘just a coincidence’? My understanding goes that we should never take, which is often a fallacy, the lack of causal relation as a justification of inaccuracy. Let me give you an example, if I were to ask you: how much would you bet for accepting that if I drop this object it will fall to the ground? However, that knowledge has not come innately with us but something which you have learnt it because we have seen it happening so many times since we are born that he we have started take it as almost as truth. But nobody has taken to have an eye for those coincidences that happen in our lives; on top of that, we have been told to have inquiry and scientific approach to everything – and without understanding what it really means people would discard such as superstition and wishful thinking. There are many such experience than happen with me on day to day basis which would tell me that there is way way more to it.