Arden and Ghol finished with the packing. All that was left was to go to the warehouse and then start buying utilities. “So, how do we get there?” asked Arden. “Take a cab. It’s far enough or if you want to save money, you can walk. But I am telling you it will be tiring as hell.” said Ghol. “Then I will walk. We can talk while walking. We could know more about each other.” said Arden. “Fine by me. So what do you what to know?” asked Ghol. “Complete your answer! Why did you disappear during the day?” asked Arden. “Well, I am a creature of the night. I can’t sustain in the day. I am literally just a voice from darkness and nothing more.” replied Ghol. “Ok. Fair enough. Well I hope they are not following me.” said Arden. “No, they are not. I am making sure you are safe, every moment. Now, if you ask me how I am doing it then I would say it is because of magic, I guess.” said Ghol. “So what made you help me?” asked Arden. “Let’s just say I consider you my friend and I was worried about you. I have been on them for a very long time. This is the first time I am successful in knowing at least their code names.” said Ghol. “So, they have been doing this for a while?” asked Arden. “Yes! You are not the first person to be the victim of their deeds. Their boss is an evil man. He kidnaps little girls and sells them in the black market as slaves. They are a big organization and the boss is just one of the lords of that organization. They make a lot of money through these illegal trades.” said Ghol. “Oh, I see. I wonder how my sister got targeted. Anyway, we have to save my sister. This walking is starting to feel tiring.” said Arden. “I guess so. Maybe let’s take a break here near that rock.” said Ghol hinting towards a rock by the side of the road, which can suitably be sat upon. After resting for a bit, Arden gets up and starts walking. While walking he takes cash from the nearby ATM and then resumes walking. After walking for a long time, he finds a nice place with grass grown on the ground. “Here I can sleep.” thought Arden and laid down his backpack and slept. “I will look out.” said Ghol.

A night passes. The street dogs barking at the vendors passing by in the morning wakes Arden up. “Is it morning already?” thought Arden and he woke up to see a beautiful dawn. He resumes his walk and he was nearing the place which Ghol told about. Finally, he reached that place and placed his backpack inside the warehouse. “The warehouse looks pretty habitable, I wonder whether anyone visit here.” thought Arden to himself. He prepares the mask and goes out to buy the utilities. He comes back before noon and starts eating the instant cup noodles that he bought. It didn’t taste near as much as his mother’s cooking but that was enough to sustain his life. Thinking about his mother, tears rolled down the cheeks of his. He was sad but he started to plan for his mission. He tried practicing martial arts but not to perfection but still capable of hitting an average person down. After a while, he sleeps for two hours straight. The warehouse had a pretty decent washroom, with a decent amount of running water. After waking up, he freshened up in the washroom. “I wonder if anyone will find him out.” thought Arden. Planning ahead, the time ticked 7 o’ clock. It was night time and Ghol would come any minute now. “I see you improved in your kick.” said Ghol. “Oh! How assuring. For one second I was scared to death. Next time don’t sneak up on me!” said Arden. “Fine, fine, so do you want me to train you?” asked Ghol. “Yes, if you can!” said Arden. “Of course I can. Let’s start with your stance. Keep a firm stance while attacking or defending. Build up your stance and you are halfway to victory.” Saying this Ghol teaches Arden many more techniques to improve his fighting. This continues till twelve o’ clock in the night.

To be continued…