On a starry night, Isha woke up half dreaming and walked near the window. Something must have awaken her from her intense sleep. Her hands were cold and toes freezing as she stepped out of her comfortable blanket and walked towards the bright gleam of light just outside her home. Its was a fantastic event to observe but no one else was awaken from the hustle and bustle suddenly created in the lonely lane of Roosewington town somewhere located in America.

As she peeped outside her window she saw a plathora of bright light in raindow colors, dancing at the tune of some kind of magical melodious tune. And one ray of violet light rose towards her and shape-shift into a dancind ballet girl. From behind it another ray in amber came glittering towards the window it shaped itself into a poodle and started dancing along with the violet light. It was a high quality magic only the best of best magicians could do, and that’s the reason why Isha knew who exactly had arrived for a summer vacation visit. She swiftly opened her window frame to let her sister in. And along with a brilliant display of light magic her sister bella glided in her room. Out of the cocoon made of pure light bella jumped out to hug her dister. “It was cold outside, thankfully you let me in before freezing to death”, she gratefully spoke, ” that’s why you are the best sister in the whole human world “. Isha nodded in agreement and took her littel sister into her arms… It was a sisterly long hug which ended after not less than seven hundred seconds. It was too late but excited about her sister’s arrival Isha rushed to wake her mom and dad and tell them the news. As she stepped on the very first stair her toes slipped, an accident was bound to take place but she froze in the mid air and was saved by Bella’s magical wand once again. It reminded her of the very first time they found out that Bella was a witch.. When she saved Isha during a fatal car crash from atleast 500 meter distance. Soon after that Their family was visited by magic creatures to convince her parents to send her to magical school and Bella was sent with them for a safe and protected future. Ofcourse she was happy to join her kind but sad about leaving Isha alone at home. So she often breaks away from school to visit her for hour or two once a week. This time she has come to spend the whole summer vacations so she requested Isha not to wake anyone else. Isha accepted on one condition, that bella has to tell everything to her about her school for the rest of the night. So they talked and talked till they both fell asleep in an hour or so.

Next morning their mother coming in their room found them sleeping togather and covered them in a cozy blanket. She brought them warm milk and cookies and woke them up. All the four of them were happily togather and their days passed like that of any other happy family. A week later Bella came home from a neighborhood park in a puzzled manner and tried hiding herself from something. Her father couldn’t help but noticed her anxiety and asked her, ” Is there something bothering you Bella”, but she denied and passed a scared smile. Bella’s mother noticed scrates on her arm while she sat for dinner still half nervous. Realizing that bella hid the marks with magic. But when later Isha and Bella went to bed togather Isha to asked her about her peculiar behavior and this time Bella broke into tears saying, ” I did not came here on vacations but I came here because the magicians want us to kill our family members for the reason that they know about us. And today is my final day to accomplish my task if I have to pass my ‘loyalty and sacrifice exam’ .” she also told her in case she fails the exam she will be taken to be executed.

Tears ran out of Isha’s deep blue eyes. She asked her sister to relax till the time she could come up with a plan to save both her sister and her parents. Next morning as the wizards come to escort Bella back to her execution. Both the girls came out to meet them. Neither them or the wizards told anything about the test to her mother and father. Bella never looked sad while leaving. She hugged everyone back home and waved a goodbye. On the other hand Isha was way more sad than usual this perticular time while waving back to her dear sister.

After Bella left Isha soon retired to her bed and putting her face under her pillow cried for the rest of the time. But her tears had magic in them, where ever they fell Lillies bloomed on the spot. When her mother entered the room, she shrieked in fright to find bella crying in place of Isha. It turned out that Bella had shapeshifted into Isha and Isha had taken her place while being taken to execution. Bella told the complete truth to her parents filled with grief and guilt of accepting Isha’s plan to save her life. The joyful atmosphere of their home suddenly turned into dull and gloomy.

Moments later their door was knocked. Struck with grief her father opened the door. He was awestruck to find Isha standing at the door withmany more wizards than normally would come to escort the witches and wizards. They were filled with praise and appreciation for Isha’s sense of love and sacrifice for her parents and sister. Making Bella the only girl to pass the test in the entire magic school that year. The head of the school also accompanied Isha home proudly said, ” while all the other students used their magic to save themselves and tried to hurt their family your daughters wittily showed loyality and sacrificed for their family”. He rewrote a few old codes and then with a swift motion of his wand he baptized Isha with the highest order of super magic powers.

Both the sisters cherished their reunion once again and with both having obtained magical powers and admitted to the same trouble were nothing less than a double trouble. While the wizards were leaving out of curiosity Bella hasitantly inquired, “so what happened to the parents of other children, are they all dead?”

At this all the wizards burst in laughter, then master wizard replied, ” since you are wizards your parents are protected by law with our special authority and hence they are wizard ensured. No super power can hurt them. So it was just a test and never meant to hurt anyone in the first place.”

This knowledge relieved everyone present there. And as the fairytales end this story, of two beautiful sisters called Bella and Isha, too ended happily ever after.