Once there lived a jackal named Gomaya in a jungle. One day he was very hungry and there was no food available near about him. He wandered in search of food but he did not succeed. After sometimes he reached a battlefield.

This was a deserted battlefield where a battle was fought recently. The battlefield was full of blood and armed bodies. The fighting armies left a drum which was lying under a tree. Due to the wind the branches of leaves shattered and rubbed with the drum. This made a sharp and a strange noise. The jackal heard this noise and he got frightened. He thought he might be got into trouble and decided to run away.

But as he start running he thought first I should find out the reason of this sound perhaps there was no need to run away. So he decided to come forward carefully. He saw the drum and realised that this was the wind that made all the noise.

He continued his search of food and finally got much food and water.

So the wise men say:

Only the brave one succeed in life.