Once there lived a rich merchant. He want to build a huge temple in his garden so he hired many artisans and carpenters to build the temple as soon as possible. They worked continuously the whole day with only a single lunch break in mid of the day. The days passed and temple started to be build.

After some days there come a group of monkeys at the site when the workers went for their mid day meal. When all the workers left one of them noticed a huge log of wood. He did not want to left it as because it only half done. He decided to put a wedge in between the space to prevent the log from closed down. After few moments when all workers were gone the monkeys started coming downwards and started to jumping and playing with the pieces of woods.

One of the monkeys was different from others. He did not play with his friends. He continuously was seeking the wedge between logs of wood. He sat down in the space between the logs of wood and started to disturb the wedge. Suddenly the wedge came out and the half split log closed in and the monkey got stuck in it. He unable to came out from trouble and finally he died.

The wise indeed say
One, who interferes in other’s work, surely comes to grief.