It was Sunday afternoon. A fine day, when a small private plane was out in silver sky with a doctor, a lawyer, a priest and a little boy. But to utter surprize for everyone, plane started shaking.

The poor pilot made every effort to bring it back to normal, but failed and plane started to move with gravity of the earth. In these tense hours, the pilot decided to abandon the plane and grabbed a parachute.

He jumped while yelling at passenger to follow him.

But, problem was not going to end with a simple jump as there was only three parachute remaining with four living people in the plane.

The Doctor was in real hurry. He grabbed an parachute and said,

“Sorry folk, I’m a doctor and you people know the value of a doctor. HE IS LIFE SAVER”,

and made a jump to the hell!

The next person in the raw was the lawyer. As usual he made very improper argument to win the case, said-

“HE IS SMARTEST MAN IN THE WORLD, as lawyers are always smart then the others, so he should certainly have right to live”,

jumped to lose his next case on the earth.

The priest was kind hearted. He cannot see a little boy to die, said in marvellous voice,

“My son, I’m an old man now. Lived my life in service of God. Let me do my last service to gracious God, let me save you.”

Priest grabbed the last parachute and handed over to little boy and said,

“Take this last parachute and live a happy life”

But the little by handed back the parachute to the priest. He said,

“I will live a happy life, we both will do; the smartest man of the world jut took my backpack instead of parachute”




Your job doesn’t always define you, but being a Good Human being Does.