This story is a salute to a husband’s love for his wife and how he can do anything to fulfill her wish.


There was a man named Mr. Motilal Shah. He was a very cute, chubby, bubbly Gujarati who loved to have dhokla  on Sundays. He was a hard-core foodie and loved the food being cooked by her wife, Mrs. Suman Shah.  She loved playing garba a lot. She was very innocent, cute and a humble and down to earth person. She loved her family a lot. She loved cooking for her family. She respected her father-in-law a lot. He also treated her like his real daughter and not as his daughter-in-law. Mr. Shah’s father, Mr. Nathu Shah, the head of the family was a health-conscious and religious person. Every day, he would go out to a park with his friends and practice yoga. He loved his family more than anything else. He had a very naughty but respectful grandson, Tapu. He was a very naughty kid. Always playing and not much into studies. He loved his parents and grandfather a lot and would never disrespect his elders. Theirs family was an ideal one with love and respect among each other for everyone. Everyone was down to earth despite the fact that they had a good financial status in the society.

One day, Mrs. Shah and her friends saw about a jewelllery exhibition being held in their area. The wished to see it and thus asked her husband out to take them all.

Her husband discussed this with his friends. They warned him about the ill-effects of this as it’s a natural tendency of women to get mad after they see jewellery and saris and buy them. They knew that if their wives would be taken there, they would surely demand for something that would make a big hole in their pocket. But Mr. Shah insisted that the ladies themselves wouldn’t demand for anything as everything there would be so costly that they won’t get those guts to even ask for it. Moreover, as the exhibition was being organized by Mr. Shah’s friend, he knew that he would get the passes easily and that too for free.

He asked his friend for the passes and arranged some for his friends and family. The next day they went there. As it was a jewellery exhibition, there was a tight security check at the entrance. Everyone was bewildered at seeing such a sight. There was nervousness amongst everyone to see such beautiful and glittering diamond and platinum jewellery. They could not believe their eyes that so much of jeweler in front of their eyes. The exhibition ended on a great note and everyone was happy. But what made their eyes open really wide was the 50 crore diamond encrusted turquoise colored sari which was the star attraction of the whole event.

Every lady present there started dreaming of wearing it. The next day, Mrs. Shah requested her husband to get it for her for a single day only so that she could just wear it and take the feel of wearing such a costly saree. He tried explaining her that it was not possible. But she resisted. She asked him to prove his love for her by doing so. Now he was in a dilemma, what to do. He thought a lot and got an idea. He went to his tailor and asked them to stitch a sari which resembled it. The tailor asked for the photographs. Mr. Shah somehow arranged for the photographs. He gave them to his tailor and the sari was being stitched and that for a meager Rs. 5000 amount. He gifted it to her and said that he fulfilled her wish and also proved his love. The next day she gave him the sari saying that she wore it and now is satisfied, now he could give it back to his friend.

This is how he fulfilled her wish also and made her happy too.