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Naina was amid all circumstances facing the loneliness. Her children were The only one around which her life revolved. She was a true believer of God. According to her, God helped those in trouble. The one who devotes herself/himself in the service of the Almighty Serve His creations whether it is a plant, tree, human, animals or anything. She followed all such Things from the bottom of her heart. She didn’t earn much, just a little to send her children to  school, eat healthy food and save some money for emergency situations. She visited her parents

Once in a year because she had shifted to New Delhi along with her master.  Now, her brother was married to a girl of their same caste and it was an arranged  marriage. Though it wasn’t as successful as it should be, her brother had to spend her whole life  like that. There was difference in their mentality, way of thinking and the way of living too. She was  a Lady who didn’t want interference from her in-law family members in her life. That’s why a gap  had been produced in between Naina and her family that society didn’t call her home now. Just  because a girl is married doesn’t mean her belongings, her parents and all her relationships  change from what it was since her birth.

She missed the house she was born in, she laughed in and where she was inspired  by the greatest man in her life who was his father who was no more. He had died some years ago  and she missed her a lot. The reason was very clear. He was the only good man in his life while  others made her struggle in life. Whenever she sat free thinking of how her life had been, a tear  always fell from her eyes which she wiped as soon as the thought of her children came to her  mind. Every woman’s life comprises of such ups and downs. Sometimes she feels like giving up  but she is more serious about the relationships she share with all the people around her and  the feeling of serving them is stronger than the fear of being failed in life and giving up.

She always gave great values to her children. They were growing young and she was  getting older day by day. Even then she was working under her master. They were helpful to her.

They asked her to leave the job, take extra money and settle rather than working in old age. Her  daughters were married by the help of them. She thought of engaging her son too so that her  bride may look after him and her. The girl chosen for his marriage was a beautiful girl. Her name  was Simi. She was not from a rich family. She belonged to a middle class family but didn’t get love  in her life because of having a step mother after her mother’s death.

That’s why she lacked love in her life. After marriage, she thought that she’ll not face  that trouble again. It will no more be a struggling life as she had lived under her step mother. She  was beaten by her step mother for no reason and she really hated her. She wasn’t even given  good food, education and her father didn’t say anything about that. He totally agreed to what she  said. He was blindly in love with her second wife any he didn’t know that she was in love with her  money. When she was married, she hoped to be loved. But her wish wasn’t fulfilled. That was the  reason of her frustration. She didn’t behave in a proper way with Naina. Her husband went to his  office meanwhile Naina wasn’t treated well by her daughter in law and she didn’t expected so.

After such a long journey of her struggling life, she wanted a happy ending to it. But life didn’t  come  out as happening as she thought.

That added to one more reason for her distress. She  didn’t want her son’s life to be disturbed by her relationship with Simi. She didn’t want history to  repeat by giving way to domestic violence in her home. She asked his son to be lovable and  caring towards her wife. Gradually he started spending time with Simi. She was happy for the fact  that she was loved immensely by her husband. She didn’t lack love now. But her attitude towards  Naina remained the same. According to Simi, the situation was so because of her mother in law.  She wanted to throw her out of her  home but couldn’t do it because of her husband.

Naina’s life was passing but she didn’t expected so much pain in her life. She  sometimes thought of leaving her home for Simi’s happiness but the thought disappeared after  something happened in her life. She was  roaming in a park for  morning walk. While returning to  home, she saw a rickshaw driver whose right hand was completely damaged. He was holding the  handle with his left hand. She approached him  and asked her why he was doing so in such a  situation. He could have begged and save money   rather than doing such a difficult work. He had  a smile on her face. He told her that the one who believes in God don’t ever doubt on His deeds.  One should see the positive side in  every situation no matter what come.

He told her about the incident in which his hand was damaged. He was travelling  from his hometown to Delhi for some work by train.  The train met an accident and many  passengers died. But his hand was  damaged and nothing else happened. He was the only one  who suffered the least damage. That’s why he was grateful to God.

That made her believe stronger than she had in the one who created this universe and  all of his creators include animals,  humans and nature. This is what she needed while giving upon  Life. She wasn’t sure of what to do next and that’s the reason why she was waiting for the  approval of God. Then she made her mind for never giving up and trying as hard as he she can to  continue her life as God want it to be.

She loved and cared for everyone. She was grateful to God that she could serve humanity and play her role well in the society. She was living her life God gave her in order to see the best of her life.