This story is an ode to a teacher student relationship.


Exams are always an unwanted pressure on children and they always want to run away from them but as is the saying that if you go to school, then you’ll have to give exams in order to go the next class. Some stuedents excel while some get a back. It’s the nature’s rule. Not everyone has got the same brain, not everyone is intelligent. All of us perform to our greatest caliber. These things are understood by students but not by parents and other peer groups. Parents always pressurize their children to do well in exams. Actually, in today’s time; parents want their children to not only excel in studies but also in extra-curricular activities, sports et al.

There was one such student, Golgi. He was in his 10th standard. As everyone knows, good results in 10th are necessary as they only decide whether the student will get science, commerce or arts. There is always a pressure to do your best. He too had that pressure. His parents and teachers had lots of aspirations for him and always motivated him. His teacher was also a very good one. For his tuition teacher, teaching tuitions was not just a means of earning money; but a job to give society people who can work to their greatest caliber for the betterment of the society. He too worked hard along with his students. Whenever there was result time, he would get up early; pray that his all students pass with extension. Sometimes, he would even get up till late if any student was having any problem in studies and would tell them on call. He was an ideal teacher.

It was Golgi’s 10th board exams and as usual, he was tensed that what will happen because Golgi’s mind was very naughty. He was intelligent but had a problem of forgetting things. He could not remember anything for a long time. During exams also, he used to face the same problem. That’s why, everyone was worried about him. But still his teacher had utmost confidence and trust in him that he would pass with distinction. He worked on him day and night. Even made him stay with him before exams so that he didn’t waste his time by commuting between his and teacher’s home if he faced any problem. As he and his teacher lived in the same society, his teacher requested the society’s secretary to ensure that there was utmost silence in the society. Everything was done according to his comfort.

Golgi too worked hard. He would study day and night.

Then came the day of his first exam. He was super nervous. He wished God that his exam goes well. Everyone wished him good luck. When his father asked him to get ready, he locked himself up in the room and said that he didn’t wish to give exam as he knew that he would fail because he had the problem of forgetting things. Everyone ensured that he would never forget but everything went in vain. Then came his teacher, he thought of a trick and told Golgi that the exam was cancelled. He confirmed from him. His teacher said yes and he came out.

Then his teacher said that the exam was not cancelled and that it was to take place that day only. He asked him that why did he lie to him. His teacher replied,

“Listen Golgi, one or the other day you’ll need to give your exams. They are mandatory. They are a part of your life. If you will scare from these school exams, then how will you be able to cross the hurdles of life wherein God will be the examiner and you won’t be able to run away?”

This saying of his teacher motivated him a lot. He went to give his exams.

When the result came, everyone was waiting with anticipation. And when the results were out, Golgi had passed with distinction, even so much so that he had topped his school with 87%.

This was all because of his teacher.