This story is about a girl who was in a trauma of losing her friend. She was disheartened and lost her faith in people. She felt it's better to remain in isolation than making friends. Then came a girl in her life who wanted to be her friend. She made her realize how important it is to share your pain and happiness with closed ones. Also, she succeeds in getting her out of the trauma.


There was a girl in our class. Her name was Sonali. She was a quiet girl,always lost in herself. She had no friends. She was lonely and loved to remain in isolation. She was a backbencher and thus remained unnoticed by teachers most of the time.

She used to be there in the class but not mentally. There was something, something that was nudging her conscience. Something that made her feel out, not speaking to anyone. Something that made her alien. And students often mistook her silence to be her arrogance.

I always used to wonder why she is like this. Why she don't make friends? One thing I had noticed was that she used to write a lot. She used to convey her feelings through writings only. I wanted to know what was there running in her mind. I wanted to talk to her.

So, one fine day after the classes were over, I went near her and said -"Hi, Sonali "

Without looking at me, she replied -"Hi"

I gathered some courage and asked her -"Sonali, why do you always remain isolated? Why you don't talk to anyone in the class?

She looked at me and said -"None of your business". After saying so, she left.

I was so curious to know the reason behind her behaviour. So I thought I will talk to her next day.

Next day again I went to her and said -"Sonali, I feel so bad when I see you alone. I want to know why you always prefer to be lonely. Life is not about being isolated from everyone, it’s about taking the most of it. Unless and until you interact with the world, you will never experience the true essence of it. You will never know their behaviour. I was continuously giving her a lecture on what life is all about.

When I stopped I could see, her eyes were filled with tears. I don't know why but I was slightly scared. I went near her, hugged her and said -"Hey ! I didn't mean to hurt you, but I genuinely want to be your friend." Listening the word 'friend' again broke her into tears.

Still, she didn't say a word. She just handed me her diary and left the classroom. I was very much curious to know about her. So, I opened the diary and started reading it. On the first page of it, was a picture of a beautiful girl and below it was written "YOU BROKE YOUR PROMISE". I turned the pages and read each and every single word written over there. As I read the last page of it, I was totally lost. My eyes were filled with tears. I didn't know how to respond.

I went outside and saw Sonali standing there. I returned her the diary and left. That entire night, I had been thinking about what I had read in Sonali's diary.

Next day, I was eagerly waiting for her. When she came, I asked her -" Sonali, I had read your diary and I know how you must be feeling. But until and unless you share your pain with your closed ones, you will never feel good. I know the reason behind this behaviour of yours but still I want you to tell me. I want you to open up your heart today and tell me all that's disturbing you. I know you will tell me. Right?

Sonali said -" yes, I will tell you”

And she started narrating whatever had happened with her.

We were childhood friends. Yes!! We had grown together, studied and played together. It's been 15 years since we were together. I was lucky to have her in my life. Everything was fine. But then something happened, something which I couldn't even dare to imagine. Yes, I never want to remember that black day.

It is the incident of two Months before, Shikha and I were returning home after attending award ceremony in our school .Shikha had stood first in her class, so it was the celebration time. We both stopped near an ice-cream parlour. We were giggling and enjoying .At that time she told me -"Sonali, I can't even imagine how my life would be without you. You are the one who made my life so meaningful and lovely. I promise you that I will never leave you alone. We are meant to be together 'TODAY AND ALWAYS'.

I said -" yes, we are inseparable and would always be".

We were merrily eating our ice-cream while walking on road…when to our sudden realization we were in the middle of the road. And no sooner did we realize this, than a speeding car came and hit us. By God's mercy, I was saved but Shikha was badly injured.

It all happened in just few seconds. We couldn't even realize what was happening. When I saw my friend injured lying on the road I was shocked and clueless of what should I do.

I shouted and cried for help. Seeing the crowd I felt that they would help me to take her to the hospital, but to my surprise they didn't lend us a helping hand. People were watching us continuously but didn't dare to help us. Shikha was unconscious and took hold of my hand. I was feeling helpless .Within a few seconds, I could realize that my friend was no more. Yes, she has left. Breaking her promise, she just left. Leaving me in isolation, she just left.

Sonali while narrating this incident almost broke into tears. I was listening patiently to her.

She further said -"On that day, I didn't lose my friend only, I lost my happiness, I lost my faith in humanity. I have started believing that humanity never exists. I have a feeling of guilt too. She was suffering and I couldn't even help her.

Having lost my faith in almost everything, I just prefer to be lonely. Atleast there won't be anything to lose. So, I don't make friends too.

When she had finished telling her story, I hugged her and said -"Can I ask one simple question?”

She said -" Yes'

"Do you think seeing you in pain and lonely, your friend would be happy?"  I asked her.

She did not reply and left the classroom

Next day, she came to me and said -"I know seeing me so lonely and sad, my friends would not be happy, but I always fear. That dreadful incident doesn't allow me to trust anyone. Whenever something happens, people are just to stare only. They don't care to help others. So, I don't trust people anymore.

Listening to her, I said -"Sonali, I want to be your friend. I want to see you happy, talking and giggling. I want you to interact with everyone. Can we be friends? And yes I promise you that I will never leave you alone and I will never break my promise."

Even after knowing that life is uncertain, I made the promise. Sonali didn't say anything. She just hugged me and I could feel happiness in her eyes.

It's been years we have been friends. She now no longer feel lonely and has become my best friend. Her smile everyday makes me feel out of the world. Yes! She has changed and seeing her happy, I feel great.